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The Cousins of Steel Take Flight in New Supergirl Promo

The long awaited super team up is finally on its way, and we get our first glimpse of our cousins in flight thanks to a brand new promo for the upcoming premiere of Supergirl!

CW Superhero Universe amping up for major crossover

Stephen Amell is up to his teasing social media ways getting us ready for the inevitable largest television superhero crossover!

Top 5 Most Anticipated Trailers of SDCC 2016

San Diego Comic-Con is moments away from opening up its doors to the public!  With it, come exclusive in-depth panels, the hottest toys, video games galore, etc.  However, the most important export from SDCC is always the hot new trailers!  Below is my Top 5 Most Anticipated Trailers from SDCC 2016!

Supergirl Coming to DVD and Blu-Ray

From the moment I saw the Supergirl pilot I liked it. But let’s face it CBS didn’t exactly make this show as available to the target audience as it should have. Well with the show making the move to the CW to join the winning team you can get caught up with the release of the first season on DVD and Blu Ray. August 9, 2016 you can get all 20 episodes, plus the deleted scenes, gag reel, and Comic-Con panel. Priced at 49.99 for the DVD version a 54.97 for the Blu Ray it’s your way of getting caught up on the character before she makes her debut in the DC/CW universe. 

Set photo shows Villain for Supergirl/Flash crossover

A set photo that was posted to Imgur shows the heroes and the Villain they will team up to battle on CBS' Supergirl.

In the photo we can easily see Grant Gustin in part of the suit that has made him so famous. right under his cup we can make out Melissa Benoist in her Supergirl outfit talking to some of her fans. And even further back we see the Skeletal mask/facepaint of what can only be, Silver Banshee.

This is our first look (above) at what the Silver Banshee will look like for the TV show.


Is Hollywood’s Attempt at Feminism Actually Detrimental to Women in Film?

 Despite the abundance of tough women on TV and movies, and the British film industry declaring last year as “the year of strong women”, there still aren’t very many leading roles showcasing women in action/super hero/sci-fi movies. Why is there such a multitude of “strong women” in supporting roles but not in starring roles? It may have something to do with Hollywood’s poorly executed attempts at female empowerment.

Supergirl’s Television Costume Fully Revealed

CBS is currently filming the pilot episode for their forthcoming Supergirl series (another in a growing list of DC television shows), and today they've revealed Melissa Benoist in full character, sporting the iconinc costume.  Come inside to take a look at the full outfit!

Comic Casting: New Actors Join X-Men: Apocalypse, Supergirl, and Doctor Strange

It's been a heck of a day for casting within the comic book world as confirmations have come in about who's playing Supergirl for CBS; the new Jean, Cyclops, and Storm have been revealed; and Doctor Strange may have it's villain.  Come inside to see who'll be popping up on the big (and small) screen!  

Will a TV Incarnation of the Justice League Come Before the...


The upcoming Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice will set up the planned Justice League movie in 2017. For comic fans who just can’t wait another two and a half years for the iconic super hero group to appear, you may be getting an earlier version on TV, in the shared universe being created by Arrow, the Flash and the in-development Supergirl show.

DC / Vertigo Comic Book Releases for December 17, 2014

Every week I am sent a package full of comics and graphic novels I’m not able to read from my pals at DC Comics. No matter what I do, I can’t seem to find the time for everything I’d like to take in on an entertainment level. My plan is to showcase these books once a week in an ongoing column. If there’s anything I need to say about one of the titles, I’ll gladly add my two cents worth in. DC’s been good to me over the years and I want to do my best to promote their many excellent books they publish every month.

Everything Is Canon: We Could Be Heroes

On this episode of Everything is Canon, Steve talks with author Mike Chen about his new book We Could Be Heroes! We Could Be Heroes...