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Don’t Think Twice: Movie Reviews

Don't Think Twice is the type of film that doesn't coming along very often. It's especially powerful if you happen to be involved in the arts or with similar aspirations. It's a heartfelt comedy about an Improv group of members who all seem to be on the verge of either giving up or breaking through. The members are all in their 30's with day jobs and as the story unfolds we learn about their connection to each other and how the handle the success of one of the members of the group.

From Nowhere: Movie Reviews

From Nowhere is a powerful and somewhat timely film about three undocumented teenagers and the struggles they face as they are about to graduate highschool in the Bronx.

The Trust: Movie Reviews

Nicolas Cage delivers what we expect of Nicolas Cage – the facial expressions, the inflection, the wide eyes! Good stuff, really. Overall, the trust is an enjoyable heist movie about two cops who are definitely in over their heads.

John Michael Mcdonagh declares ‘War On Everyone’

The Guard and Calvary were two of my favorite films to release in their respective years. Both reel with a jet black sense of humor and western style morality play with an emotionally ambiguous showdown in cessation. They also happen to be gorgeous, shot by Larry Smith (Gaffer/Chief electrician on Barry Lyndon/The Shining turned Only God Forgives/Bronson D.P) and composed in sickening symmetry. In short, I was ecstastic to meet the man behind it all, and his down to earth, silly, demeanor, ended up putting me at ease. John Michael McDonagh, talks about his third and bleakest feature film: War On Everyone. 

Writer/Director Joel Potrykus on his Genre Defying SXSW Splash: The Alchemist...

I was graced with the opportunity to talk shop on The Alchemist Cookbook, a SXSW gem that saturated all three of its screenings with starved festival foodies, with writer/director Joel Potrykus. Buzzfeed has genred it horror, but I'd be damned before I stuck the film a label. Joel and I talk a little about what happened behind the scenes on this divisive, unignorable beast, of a film. Take a look.

J.J. Abrams attends SXSW “Force Awakens” documentary premiere

"Secrets of The Force Awakens: A Cinematic Journey" premiered at SXSW, and we have pictures and a clip from the upcoming documentary.

The First Order Lands at SXSW! PICS!

A full-scale First Order TIE fighter lands at South By Southwest in Austin! Check out the pictures!

The Casual Cinecast Has a Brief Encounter In This Week’s Episode

On this week's Casually Criterion episode of the Cinecast, we're diving into David Lean's Brief Encounter, discuss the Snyder Cut announcement, and more! Mike, Justin,...