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Graphic Review: Talon Volume 1: Scourge of the Owls

Not content with simply providing Batman with a new villainous group, DC Comics commissioned Scott Snyder to create an evil society calling themselves the Court of Owls, which has run Gotham City since before the 1900s. Snyder came up with a cartel of high society malefactors so rich in history and detailed that it's taken literally every Bat-Family book in the belfry to bring the story to a close. Those weren't even enough to get the whole story told. A new series entitled Talon was birthed out of the event dubbed "The Night of the Owls."

The Mandalorian and Friends Get New Action Figures

The first Mando Monday event brought a slew of new merchandise reveals including a range of modern and retro-inspired action figures! Today was the first...