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Tech Talk: Testing Out Gunnar Optiks New Intercept Glasses

GUNNAR Optiks, who for the last few years have been THE name in gaming based eyewear (being used for tournaments around the world), have released a new line of glasses called Intercept.  While I’m far from a professional gamer, I spend an exorbitant amount of time staring at a computer screen, or screen of some sort, on a daily basis.  The guys over at Gunnar were kind enough to let me check out their new line of glasses to see how an average computer user (maybe a little above) can benefit.

New Home Theater Seats Want to Add to Your Movie Watching...

Very little beats the movie theater experience for me when it comes to watching a film.  That's why when I watch something at home, I want it to be the best that it possibly can be.  It's true, I'm a movie snob, but I'm far from alone and cinephiles all over should be very interested in this brand new chair designed to connect to your movie watching set-up and enhance your home viewing experience.  Come inside to find out more about it.

Glasses-Free 3D A Possibility for Commercial Theaters…May Even Be Cheaper

Despite how many people feel on the issue, it doesn't look like 3D movies are going away any time soon.  One of my key issues with the format (besides it not being used optimally) has to deal with the glasses you have to wear in order to watch.  I wear normal glasses (shocking this day and age, I know) so every 3D movie forces me to put glasses over my glasses, resulting in an awkward and often uncomfortable experience.  One research group thinks it can rectify that problem with glasses-free 3D display technology designed for commercial theaters.

LEGO Reveals New Details, Release Date, and Expansions for Super Mario...

This morning, LEGO revealed more information on the Super Mario playsets, including a new Bowser expansion and when you'll be able to play. Earlier...