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Channel Control: First Trailer for ‘The Clone Wars’ Season 5

The fourth season of Star Wars The Clone Wars ended with a bang, having one of the fans' favorite characters (and mine personally) make a shocking and exciting return.  Since the season finale fans have been anxious for a glimpse at what's coming in the fifth season, and now a trailer has made it's way online, showcasing a darker period of time for our heroes.

Check Out This Amazing Darth Maul Trailer for the Clone Wars

Darth Maul is making a comeback on the Clone Wars TV show, and while fans have known that for a while, Lucasfilm has so far been keeping him underwraps.  Well, worry about that no more with this amazing trailer that showcases Darth Maul's return to the Star Wars universe.

Disney’s The Mouse Watch Exclusive Excerpt!

You've heard of Chip 'n Dale's Rescue Rangers? Enjoyed the The Rescuers? Now meet the Mouse Watch! This action-packed Middle Grade story from Disney...