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4 Dark Knight Rises Banners Show the Battle for Gotham

I wasn't lying the other day when I said the marketing bonanza for The Dark Knight Rises was about to really kick off, and over the past few days, we've been flooded with all kinds of wonderful Batman stuff.  The latest from Warner Bros. are four awesome banners that show off the battle for Gotham City.

The Dark Knight Rises Gets a New (Less Inspired) Poster

Quite out of the blue, Warner Bros has unleashed another official theatrical poster for The Dark Knight Rises.  With the film only a couple months away, I guess it's about time for the marketing bonanza!

Third Official Dark Knight Rises Trailer Will Leave You Speechless

The official Dark Knight Rises website has launched the second full length trailer (bringing us up to a total of three) for Nolan's highly anticipated film and it literally gave me goosebumps...

Dark Knight Rises Rumor Control: Scarecrow Cameo Revealed?

A couple of spy reports are coming in saying that Cillian Murphy has been spotted on the LA set of The Dark Knight Rises, meaning that his version of Scarecrow is somehow involved in the film.  We'll take a look at this rumor and see how plausible it may be.

More ‘Dark Knight Rises’ Set Photos & Videos Depict Bane vs....

Pittsburgh sure doesn't know how to keep its camera shut.  Maybe they're so desperate for a little bit of fame and fortune that they are willingly unleashing as many Dark Knight Rises set stuff as possible.  This is probably the biggest production to ever hit Pittsburgh, and they're leaking it like crazy.  Oh Pittsburgh, you dogs.  Check out even more pictures and videos from the set of The Dark Knight Rises depicting a brutal fight between Bane and Batman inside.

Holy News Storm, Batman! Cameos, Set Photos, Music, and More...

Every single thing that happens with The Dark Knight Rises is news.  It has been this way ever since the film has been announced.  However, not everything deserves an article of its own.  So to save time, here's all The Dark Knight Rises news you could possibly ask for...Until something new comes out tomorrow.

Anne Hathaway’s Butt Causes Injury on the Set of ‘The Dark...

No, not that butt.  Wow, how dare you take my overtly sexual statement as something sensually voluptuous.  Shame on you.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt in ‘The Dark Knight Rises’? Olivia Wilde in...

The rumor mill continues for two of the most anticipated comic book movies of 2012.  So who will Joseph Gordon-Levitt play in The Dark Knight Rises?  And who will play Lois Lane in 'Superman'?  Read on to (not) find out.

The Dark Knight Rises: What We Know

As Chris Nolan goes on his press tour promoting the impending release of Inception on Blu-ray and DVD, news about his upcoming Bat-sequel is seeping through. While information is still relatively scant about The Dark Knight Rises, a holistic view of what we know about the project helps give shape to the most anticipated film of 2012.

Rumor about Joker in Dark Knight Rises is totally false

People just can't seem to stay away from these Batman rumors.  While The Dark Knight Rises is quickly on its way to being the movie with the largest rumor mill, it's unfortunate that most of the information we get is absolute garbage.  Another rumor came out earlier this week, that sounded fishy from the start, but nevertheless got the internet buzzing about the possibilities.  The rumor alleged that Christopher Nolan would utilize unused footage of Heath Ledger's Joker mixed in with CGI, in order to create a Joker cameo in the upcoming film.  Of course...that's just not the case.

Focal Point: The Bare Necessities

In these trying times it's important to stick to only the essentials, and important concept in this week's Focal Point comic! We're back this...