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First look at Kid Flash from CW’s The Flash

Last season of The Flash introduced Keiynan Lonsdale as this universe’s Wally West. We saw him and Jesse Chambers Wells played by Violett Beane hit by the Speed Force eluding that they had both been granted powers from it. Well this image shows that he will be donning the yellow and red to become our Kid Flash.

SCNS Live S4 Ep 24 – The Nerdys!!

On this week's episode of SCNS Live!  The team welcomed Natalie @imnatman from Fangirls to the show!  She joined us as a presenter in the 1st Annual Nerdy's, celebrating the best Nerd TV!  Who won?  Who lost?  Should this be a real award show?  Find out!

SDCC Gives Us Closer Looks at Batman v Superman & Other...

Warner Bros. and DC are hoping to dominate this year's SDCC, and during our chance to tour the floor at Preview Night, we got the chance to get some up close looks at the new superhero costumes from Batman v. Superman, as well as the CW shows.  Come inside to check out our gallery.  

The Flash Season 1 and Arrow Season 3 Hitting Blu-Ray In...

Arguably the best superhero related shows on television right now are bringing their latest seasons to blu-ray for fans to relive the adventures...on the same day!  Come inside to learn more about the blu-rays and what features fans can expect to have on the disc.

Flash Season Two Will Introduce the Multiverse; a Chance to connect...

The season finale of CWs the Flash has set up the introduction of the DC multiverse; a plot element that has been confirmed by series star Grant Gustin. We’ll see “Earth One and Earth Two in the near future.” Does this open up the possibility of the DC TV universe to connect to the film continuity?

Lord and Miller are Working on the Story Treatment for The...

Earlier today Deadline confirmed that WB/DC are making forward progress on their planned Flash movie, confirming that Phil Lord and Chris Miller are developing a story treatment for the flick.  

5 Characters Who Could Appear On DC’s Team-Up Spinoff

The latest news from DC’s TVU is about a possible spinoff in development that will feature characters from both Arrow and the Flash joining forces in what’s being described as a “superhero team-up show.” The rumor is that the show will have three super heroes who have never been seen on TV before. Which DC characters should appear on the show?

David Ramsey Says Arrow Sidekick Diggle May Become Green Lantern

Will John Diggle become the next Green Lantern? Will the famous Green Arrow/Green Lantern pairing make its ways to the CW? According to Arrow co-star David Ramsey, DC is “thinking about it and that they are considering it”.

Will a TV Incarnation of the Justice League Come Before the...


The upcoming Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice will set up the planned Justice League movie in 2017. For comic fans who just can’t wait another two and a half years for the iconic super hero group to appear, you may be getting an earlier version on TV, in the shared universe being created by Arrow, the Flash and the in-development Supergirl show.

A Big Night of Reveals on This Week’s Flash and Agents...

 It was an epic night of television for comic book fans Tuesday evening, as both the Flash and Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD ran their mid-season finales, and neither one disappointed. Each show had a big reveal (or two) for viewers. Cinelinx looks at the two episodes and dissects what we learned. (Spoilers involved!)

Celebrate The Holidays With Insight Editions And Star Wars

Bring the power of the Force to your needles with the first and only official Star Wars knitting book from Insight Editions, Star Wars:...