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‘The Hobbit’ is moving out of New Zealand

By now most of you are aware of the many problems the Hobbit films have had getting off the ground.  First MGM's financial disaster, then Guillermo del Toro leaving the director's chair, and the dispute Jackson and co. have been having with NZ Actor's Equity (an Actor's Union) is the latest in the line of issues.  Of course with the film finally getting it's official greenlight many thought things would be going smoothly and that the issue would be handled in time for the February start date.  Unfortunately this isn't the case and it may mean that the land of Middle-Earth will be leaving New Zealand.

‘The Hobbit’ finally gets the greenlight?

Fans the world over have been eagerly awaiting any news concerning the seemingly troubled production of Peter Jackson's next adventure in Middle Earth.  With casting rumors flying all over the place, a sudden change in directors, and the movie studios' bankruptcy the film has yet to even be given the greenlight to move ahead.  Without that, it's all conjecture and production cannot fully commence.  Well, according to TheWrap, that's all been changed now and The Hobbit films have finally been given the greenlight we've all been waiting for.  But it is too good to be true?  After so long could it have really happened?

Will ‘The Hobbit’ start filming in January?

After all the financial stresses MGM has been enduring, it could look quite positive for The Hobbit to emerge on the scene. Sir...

Guillermo del Toro left ‘The Hobbit’ because of James Cameron?

According to recent interview, James Cameron confirms that he gave Guillermo del Toro (then still directing The Hobbit films) advice to back out of the films.

Peter Jackson in negotiations to direct ‘The Hobbit’ himself

It's been one month since Guillermo del Toro left the director's spot and rumors have been flying all over the net as to who would step in to fill his spot.

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