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The World of “Avatar: The Last Airbender” is Expanding With Newly-Formed...

Avatar: The Last Airbender is arguably one of the best animated series ever made. Its sequel, The Legend of Korra, is also an amazing...

TV Review: The Legend of Korra—“The Spirit of Competition”

Relationships take center stage as the Fire Ferrets deal with the Championship Finals—and themselves.

The Winners/Losers of the 2011 Golden Rasberry Awards

With all the Oscar commotion, I forgot about that other award show!  All well, better late then never.  Hit the jump for a complete list of all the winners of the Golden Rasberry Awards, and hopefully the last thing I'll have to say about the Awards season until next year!

Golden Raspberry Foundation release Razzie nominations; filled with love as always

In always apt fashion (a.k.a the day before the Oscar nom announcements), the Golden Raspberry Foundation have found this to be a suitable time to release the nominations to the 2010 Razzie Nominations.  General consensus?  They hate The Last Airbender, think Sex and the City 2 is a piece of crap, and despise The Bounty Hunter to no end.  What's new?  Check out the nominations, along with some quick commentary, after the break.

Predicting the 83rd Annual Academy Awards Nominations – Part 2

Tis the season to give people tiny gold statues.  Whether you have realized it or not, Oscar season is upon us all.  It's one of the biggest events in the movie industry because, regardless of the worth that these trophies have on swaying the average moviegoer to watch a film, it certainly does wonders to ones resume.  So stand up and prepare your acceptance speech; we're going on a journey.  We will explore the best and brightest that this year had to offer, from Oscar bait to crowdpleasing blockbusters, we got em' all.  And, if we're lucky, we may just be able pluck up the noble few who will be lucky enough to grace the historic Kodak Theater.  From Best Picture to Best SFX, we're running down who we think may find themselves with Oscar gold come February 27.  Without furthur ado, here's TMP's predictions of the 83rd Annual Academy Award nominees and winners!

Check out Part 1 here.

New The Last Airbender Trailer

Paramount has released a new trailer for M. Night Shyamalan directed The Last Airbender and it looks real purdy.

Sorrowland – Book Review

Rivers Solomon (The Deep) returns with the gothic sci-fi type thriller Sorrowland, a contemporary genre-bending story that is both a brutal shock to the...