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4 Reasons it’s Okay to be Excited for More Matrix Movies

I will say this to start...I am a Matrix fan.  Not only am I a fan, but I actually like all of the movies.  Yes even the third one, which for some reason hating it has become about as popular as blowjobs.  Friday brought a big rumor that Warner Bros. and the Wachowski's are working on another Matrix trilogy, and since that report there seems to be a lot of division on the Internet about it.  There are those who are excited about it and those who want nothing to do with it.  I'm of the opinion that more people are excited about it than they're willing to show, so I'm here to try and explain why it's okay to be happy for this news if it's true.

A New The Matrix Trilogy is Possibly in the Works at...

Brace yourself internet, as a new rumor is on the prowl about another massive movie franchise making a return to the big screen.  It's been rumored in the past, but it's once again resurfacing that the Wachowski siblings are currently prepping a brand new series of The Matrix movies for Warner Bros.  Come inside to check out the scoop!

[Update] Keanu Reeves promises us a ‘Matrix’ 4 and 5

[Update] Well, it looks as though this rumor has been debunked.  The Playlist spoke with Keanu's reps and have confirmed that he was never in London where this interview supposedly took place.  Apparently, it's all made up.

[Original Article]

Is it a last desperate bid for attention from a quickly fading actor?  Or is there some truth to what Keenu Reeves is saying? Either way, he seems excited.  Bless his heart.

The Matrix….Scott Pilgrim style

A fan made concoction on YouTube has taken The Matrix and re-edited it to resemble the latest film, Scott Pilgrim vs. The World in a brilliant bit of post-production work.

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