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New Alien Prequel script is a winner and Fox wants Natalie...

Count this as your big nerdy news scoop for the week, because it probably won't get much better than this.  Vulture reported on this earlier today and it's a whopper of a story.  Apparently Damon Lindelof (Lost writer) turned in his latest draft for Ridley Scott's Alien prequel this past Saturday, and the movie studio absolutely fell in love with it.


According to reports, 20th Century Fox liked Lindelhof's script because it was engaging, and best of all featured no massive (read expensive) set pieces or production heavy FX shots.  Which means the script can be shot on a cheaper budget.  It's great news because so far Scott and Fox have been arguing about the budget, so hopefully this new script will help resolve that issue.

Still time to enter Time Warner Cable’s short film contest

Since we are a community of filmmakers, I figured that I should at least mention this contest from Time Warner Cable in conjunction with IFC.  The deadline for this short film contest is closing in, but never fear there is still time for you to add your submission to it.  If you're a regular everyday filmmaker (doing it as a hobby at home) or even hoping to land your big shot in the industry, this might just be the contest for you then.  It's open to everyone and with a pretty loose set of rules the doors are wide open.

First ‘Hangover 2’ photos hit the net

Filming for the next Hangover movie has finally begun and they're currently in Ontario, CA before switching over to Thailand.  While they are still just barely getting started on the set (last Friday was their first day), fans are already eager to see what's going to happen next with our group of dysfunctional friends.  Already pics from the set have started to hit the web and Pop Sugar managed to snag them.  They aren't the most exciting of pictures, but it's great to see the four men back together again for this film.  If it's anything like the last one, it's sure to be hilarious.

First set video from ‘Super 8’ gets explodey!

If you're like me, then you too are eagerly awaiting any little tidbit of information regarding J.J. Abram's next super-secret film project Super 8.  The teaser trailer that was released earlier this year has done little but fill the rumor mill, and get fans anxious for more.  Very little is known about the project other than it is currently filming, it deals with something that requires a lot of blowing up, and doesn't have anything to do with Cloverfield.  Personally, I think Abrams is lying and that it is Cloverfield related.  There are too many similarities.  It's a monster/alien movie, it's a creature we don't know and aren't allowed to see, and the marketing is all too familiar.  All of these could be coincidences of course, but I think it could be an interesting origin/sequel movie (maybe the Cloverfield monster is what bursts out of the broken train car?).

Killer Croc in ‘Batman 3’?

People just can't stop talking about Batman 3.  Who can really blame them?  With The Dark Knight being the most successful comic book adaptation ever, and featuring Oscar winning performances, it's a hard film to not talk about.  With a release date, and even now a start date, the rumor mill is once again churning up.  Rumors so far have dealt with the villains of the next film, and this new one is something we haven't heard before.


Our friends over at Cinema Blend have taken some interesting tidbits of news coming from Twitter and what's known about the film so far (which isn't much at all) and have come up with a new theory on who the Batman villain could be.  Most people have been assuming it's the Riddler, with a few other minor villains sprinkled in there, but the new rumor is that Killer Croc might be Batman's enemy.

American couple build their own real life Ewok Village

It's no surprise that I'm a massive Star Wars fan.  So when I came across this bit of news I was instantly intrigued and have been trying my hardest to find a way to convince my wife to do this with me.  Whether you love them or hate them, just about everyone knows the Ewoks  from Return of the Jedi.  They're the cute little bear like creatures who somehow helped defeat the Empire.  The little guys also make their homes in these giant tree forts that hand high in the air.  Two people took some inspiration from the idea and created their own Ewok village.

‘Ender’s Game’ movie might still happen

Rumors of an Ender's Game movie have been floating around for several years, and fans have had their hopes raised and dashed a number of times.  Now it looks like there might be someone willing to take it over...

Ghost Rider 2 gets a date and a subtitle

The sequel/reboot for Ghost Rider has a release date picked out and even a fancy new title.

‘Expendables’ sequel is already in the works

The film has yet to release, but already the producers and Stallone are working hard on the sequel to The Expendables.

MGM may have found a buyer

After being on sale for 9 months financially troubled MGM may have found someone to buy them out.

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