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The 12 Brightest and Most Visceral Moments of Harry Potter

Before Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1, of course. Over the years we have grown up or grown older with Harry Potter. As the epic fantasy of wizardry and magic comes to a close with Part 1 of the Harry Potter finale The Deathly Hallows, I thought we could reminisce a little. I can’t fit them all in here because there are just so many darn amazing scenes (yes, I’m a fangirl!), but I did manage to pare it down to an odd numbered list. A unique number to be sure, but the Harry Potter franchise is a very unique kind of multilayered collection of films.

5 Actors who could be the next Tom Cruise

No one will ever forget the iconic scene of Tom Cruise sliding across the floor in his tighty-whities, crisp white shirt and darker than dark sunglasses, rocking out to ‘Old Time Rock and Roll’ in Risky Business. Without his presence, films like Days of Thunder, Top Gun, and Cocktail would have been totally different. I don’t know a man or boy on the planet who didn’t want to be him, or a woman who didn’t want to be with him. With Mission Impossible 4 shooting in Vancouver this December, is there any wonder why I have Tom Cruise on the mind? It also has me wondering, who could wear his crown as the next major movie star and leading man?

Five actresses who would portray Cleopatra better than Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie As the Queen of the Nile? Is Hollywood in Denial?  The Following List of Actresses Would Be Better Suited for the Role

10 Film franchises that need a reboot (Part 1)

Talk of rebooting or remaking a franchise of movies is always a touchy subject.  Thing is, most movies facing this ordeal are so beloved it is automatically assumed they cannot be touched.

Hot Toys Dark Trooper Figure From The Mandalorian Revealed

The fine people over at Sideshow/Hot Toys have revealed the latest The Mandalorian inspired figure coming for your wallet: the Dark Trooper! If you...