The Recap: Star Wars, The Predator, and Fallout 4

Let's get the weekend started off right with The Recap. Big movies have started principal photgraphy this week With James Gunn tweeting out a pictures of the Guardians of the Galaxy sillohetted like they're about you rock your face off. Star Wars Episode 8 also began filiming by basically showing us where Episode 7 ended. Also a new movie in the Predator series has just been announced written by Shane Black who starred in the original movie. Moving to video games Assassin's Creed have been fairly well done from an historical aspect but now Scholastic ad Ubisoft have teamed to bring you book series aimed at young adults. Good to teach them those killing skills but I would start with some aimed at pre schoolers. Lastly Fallout 4 may have dropped off a bit but get ready cause here comes the DLC in fact three different ones have been announced and now might be a good time to get that season pass. Check out all the links below for the full stories and keep it here.


Focal Point: Ultra HD Snobbery

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