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Sandlot Sequel Series In The Works

In a move no one is asking for, not only will be getting a Sandlot sequel series.

Possible Prequel to The Sandlot Heading Our Way

Since the people at Fox are bored waiting on the deal with Disney to finish, they have decided to look at giving us a Prequel to one of the most beloved basball films of all time.

Blu Review: The Sandlot 20th Anniversary Edition

One of the most endearing and iconic coming of age “Summer” movies, The Sandlot has turned a whopping twenty years old.  In order to commemorate the milestone, FOX has released the film on blu-ray (in a 20th anniversary edition), and graciously sent us a copy to check out.  Come inside for our thoughts on how well this film has aged, and whether or not it’s worth adding to your blu collection.

The Mandalorian and Friends Get New Action Figures

The first Mando Monday event brought a slew of new merchandise reveals including a range of modern and retro-inspired action figures! Today was the first...