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Game Of The Year Awards – Dustin’s Picks

Every year we host the Game of the Year Awards, and every year our diverse group suggests multiple games for every category. Then when the overall GOTY comes we have a hard time deciding on just one winner. Then we thought long and hard about it. We have multiple people review games because different people like different games. One person might love Fallout, while another isn’t in to it. So if we change it up for reviews, why not do it when we are saying what the best games are? That way every group of people know what to be on the lookout for. So that is what we did. This year our GOTY Awards are split up to each person, and each person will have a new victor.

The Recap: Star Wars, Candy Crush, and More!

This week on The Recap we've got even more posters for Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Warcraft gets a full trailer today, someone spent 5.9 billion dollars on Candy Crush, and The Witcher is coming to the big screen.  All this plus some exclusive Star Wars gaming info. 

The Witcher Series Gets A Movie Adaptation

It looks like The Witcher is getting its first major motion picture adaptation.  Read on to find out the details.

The Witcher gets a Free to Play MOBA Later This Year

Bummed about not getting The Witcher III this year, like originally planned?  Well don't worry, CD Projekt Red is still planning on dropping a Witcher title this year, though it may not be what you expected.  Today they've announced a new free to play MOBA, coming to mobile platforms, in The Witcher Battle Arena.  Come inside for the first details and trailer!

Cover Revealed for ‘A Court of Silver Flames’, New Release Date...

We finally have the official cover of Sarah J. Maas' newest book A Court of Silver Flames, along with a new release date! Earlier this...