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TMP Liveblogs: The 2011 Academy Awards

The Academy Awards have been called the biggest night in Hollywood for 86 years.  But honestly, it's not because of the awards; it's because of the celebrities.  Seeing Christopher Nolan in the same room as David Fincher is always a treat, even without the alcohol of the Golden Globes.  A bunch of celebrities giving awards to each other well simultaneously trying to outdo each other is always worth a little entertainment.  And some people get little prizes to.  I've made it a tradition for the last two years to watch the Oscars and, at the same time, deliver a bunch of non sensical tweets about everything going on.  This is an act called "livetweeting."  But this year, I decided to force this opon all you TMP readers.  This is called a "liveblog."  You're welcome.  Anyways, join me Sunday night at 6 PM EST/4 PM PST for the beginning of the festivities (a.k.a the crappy Red Carpet ceremony).  See you then!

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