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Rated: Argo – Possibly 2012’s Best Film

Earlier this week we got the chance to check out Ben Affleck's latest film, Argo, and have returned to tell you all about it and whether or not you should see it in theaters this weekend.  In short, Argo is a heartfelt, political thriller that deserves to stand among the best movies of this decade.

30 Minutes or Less Review—Bittersweet Laughs Await in This Disappointing Action...

During Comic Con 2011, I got the chance to attend an advance screening of director Ruben Fleischer's latest, the action comedy 30 Minutes or Less. I'm a huge fan of Fleischer and his cast, ranging from Zombieland partner Jesse Eisenberg to Parks and Recreation star Aziz Ansari.  I also love action comedies, including Fleischer's directorial debut, Zombieland. Because of all these reasons, I was greatly looking forward to 30 Minutes or Less. So did the film deliver?  Sadly...not as much as I hoped it would.

Attack the Block Review: ‘Shaun of the Dead’ Meets ‘Aliens’ in...

At this year's Comic Con, I got the chance to catch the final free screening of Joe Cornish's Attack the Block. Ever since the film premiered at SXSW in March, Attack the Block has been touring around the country, with free screenings in pretty much all major cities in the US.  There last stop was San Diego, as they presented the final screening of the film for a group of rabid Comic Con fans.  The buzz for the film has been growing more and more with each passing screening and finally, after three months of free screenings, Screen Gems is releasing the film in limited release in eight cities across the country.  Is it worth your money?  We weigh in after the jump.

Horrible Bosses Review: Three Men Plot to Kill Their Bosses in...

Reviewing a comedy is one of the hardest things to do in the film journalism world.  Unlike action movies or drama flicks, a comedy is completely dependent on one thing, and one thing only; did you laugh?  It could be terribly directed and have a piss poor plot but, if you laughed enough, none of that would really matter anyways.  So going into this review of Horrible Bosses, know this; I cannot understand your sense of humor.  To do that, I imagine it would take weeks of long, hard psychoanalysis.  But I do know mine.  And for what it's worth, Horrible Bosses tickled my funny bone just right.

Transformers: Dark of the Moon Review—Michael Bay Ends the Trilogy with...

I look upon the Transformers franchise in a state of utter disinterest.  Sure, they make billions of dollars at the box office, but I never found them to be at all fulfilling.  The first one was mostly forgettable, with the last 20 minutes being the only good part in a sea of mediocrity.  The second one was god awful, and I honestly have no idea where to begin with how bad it was.  Between bad writing, bad acting, racists robots, boring action, humping robots, a nonsensical plot, and robot heaven, there's a lot of bad to go around for that film.  After Revenge of the Fallen, I thought I was done with the franchise.  But then I saw the first Super Bowl spot for Dark of the Moon, and Bay had me by the balls once again. Even I couldn't deny that the action looked pretty incredible.  It was the quality of everything else that I was worried about. But did Transformers: Dark of the Moon fulfill my quixotic dream of a good Transformers movie, or is it just as bad as Revenge of the Fallen? Find out after the jump.

TMP Reviews Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga’Hoole

Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga’Hoole is a delightful, dark fairy tale of epic scope that has a mythical feel to it. It was directed by none other than Zack Snyder (who will also be directing the highly anticipated Christopher Nolan vision Superman: Man of Steel) of 300 fame, so I knew going in that this movie would have a highly stylized feel and look to it.


Based on the first three books of the Guardians of Ga’Hoole series, Zack Snyder faced quite a challenge in the telling of this tale. It wasn’t a big surprise to me that this movie had more than just a touch of darkness. It is, after all, a movie about struggle, legends, and triumph; and despite other less than favorable reviews, I really enjoyed this piece of avant-garde cinema.

SDCC 2021 Going Virtual Again This Summer

San Diego Comic-Con has announced they'll once more be going entirely virtual this Summer, but hopes for a smaller event this Fall. This shouldn't...