The Inaugural Episode of UGF Airs Tonight With Mario Kart Madness

Tonight, Cinelinx presents a gaming tournament show like nothing you've ever seen.  Brackets, Feuds, and Championship Bouts.  This is UGF and it premieres with Mario Kart Madness live at 7:30pm at Nerdvana in Frisco and the Cinelinx Channels.  Come inside for more.

Cinelinx Presents Mario Kart Madness This Friday

You witnessed the rise of BC's dominance as Injustice 2 Champion.  You watched as Zack shocked the world in the Arms Tournament.  This Friday, see them clash in the main event of the next installment of Cinelinx's monthly tournaments, Mario Kart Madness.

CWL Championship 2017 Day 4: The Final Four Are Revealed

They say that Saturday is always the grind but if you can make it to Sunday it gets easier.  4 teams made it through a long Saturday filled with some of the most incredible moments and games in Call of Duty history!  Without further ado, here's how Day 4 of the Call of Duty World League Championship 2017 went down!

CWL Championship 2017 Day 3: Upsets Followed By Dominance

An upset, several sweeps, and lots of dunks.  That’s what Day 3 of Call of Duty World League Championship was all about.  Come inside for my full recap!

Cinelinx Attends the Call of Duty World League Championship This Weekend

The quest for a share of $1.5 million and the titles of Call of Duty World League Champions is on the line this weekend when the CWL Championship 2017 goes down in Orlando and we'll be there!  Come inside for more details!

The Nintendo World Championships 2017 Begin (Again) This October

The Nintendo World Championships are returning this October and you could be part of it!  Come inside to learn how you could win yourself a place in the tournament!

Ubisoft Sets For Honor S3 Date; Reveals New Characters, Gear, and...

This month, Ubisoft is gearing up for Season 3 of For Honor with new gear, maps, modes, and two brand-new warriors!  Come inside for more!

Optic Gaming Wins CWL Playoffs Stage 2; Groups Drawn for CWL...

Stage 2 of the Call of Duty World League Global Pro League Playoffs is in the books and one team is riding high to Orlando, after a monumental comeback.  Come inside for more!

Watch the Incredible Cinelinx ARMS Tournament

If you missed the Cinelinx ARMS tournament, you missed out on one of the best tournaments we've hosted and the crowning of the Cinelinx Gaming Champion!  Fear not, you can still catch up below!

Cinelinx Presents the Live SCNS ARMS Tournament This Thursday

This Thursday, the Cinelinx/SCNS crew will be putting on another tournament to determine video game dominance!  The video game they'll be sparring over this time will be Nintendo's new fighter, ARMS.  Additionally, a new tournament and a new game means its time for some new blood to enter the arena, 3 to be exact.  So, check out the bracket below and see how all the gaming gladiators do this Thursday at 8pm CST on the SCNS youtube, twitch, and facebook channels!

Casually Criterion Delves into Y Tu Mama Tambien, The Expanse, and...

This week's episode of the Casual Cinecast goes back into the Criterion Collection with Y Tu Mama Tambien along with thoughts on The King...