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Toy Review Tuesday: The Winter Soldier Recap

Sorry for no reviews last week but I'm doing some cosplay crafting. The good news is I finally found a Black Widow form the Cap 2 line and a Whirl from the Transformers Generations line. Later this week I'll have a look at the new Star Wars The Black Series Obi-Wan and Luke Skywalker in Bespin gear and the completed build a figure of the S.H.E.I.L.D. Mandroid.

Toy Review Tuesday

After a week off I've gotten off my duff to bring you guys some more reviews. Lot's of variety this week but all are pretty great toys. I have some opinions about Revolver but he's still a pretty nice figure with some flaws.

Throwback Thursday Beast Wars Depth Charge Review

There is nothing better than fiding a vintage toy in a local shop still in the box and I found a mother load of Beast Wars toys that will be populating the Throwback Thursday reviews for awhile. Here'as a look at one of my favorites Depth Charge.

Win Tickets to Animation Celebration Plus a Brand new Batman Trexi...

The SCNS crew is bringing the goods to our loyal viewers with the chance to win one of four tickets to the upcoming Animation Celebration convention, but we're not stopping there.  We're also giving winners a swanky Batman Trexi figure to display in whatever fashion they want!

Throwback Thursday Toy Review

I'm back with the Throwback Thursday Toy Review and since I've been gone so long from this I made up for it by reviewing all of Able squad from the 90's Exo-Squad cartoon. These toys have really stood the test of time and I'm glad to get all of the squad finally.

Marvel Legends Infinite Series Toy Reviews

Now that my voice has returned I'm hitting you guys hard with the Marvel Legends Infinite Series. Some are hits, some miss by a country mile. My thoughts after the jump.

New Marvel Legends Infinite Series

I love Marvel Legends figures and they've had akind of a crazy distribution to retail as of late. I'm happy to say they are making their return with the Spider-Man 2 and Captain America The Winter Soldier movies upcoming. Here's a look at two and there's more coming this week.

Star Wars and Transformer Reviews

Hey guys I'm back with some new toy reviews. Finally found a Boba Fett and got the new Transformers figures from the 30th anniversary. Reviews after the jump!

New Power Rangers Super Megaforce Toys

Came across these guys a bit early before they hit the floor. Picked up the Megazord, the morpher, and for a bonus here's a look at the S.H. Figuarts MMPR Pink Ranger.

Throwback Thursday Toy Review Optimal Optimus

Here's my Throwback Thursday review and it's the big bossmonkey from Transformers Beast Wars, Optimal Optimus. Check out this review after the jump!

Everything Is Canon: Star Wars: Doctor Aphra

In this episode of "Everything is Canon", Steve is joined by author Sarah Kuhn as they discuss her brand-new audio drama "Star Wars: Doctor...