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Is Disney Pinning Too Much On TRON: Legacy?

As hard as it may be to believe, while everyone here at TMP are massive movie geeks...we don't always agree on things (just look at the division on the Thor trailer).  What results are debates behind the scenes on some of the biggest movies coming out, so we've decided to share some of those arguments.  This time around we tackle the issue of TRON: Legacy.  Some of us believe that it will be the next big thing and defy all expectations, while others feel Disney may be putting too many of it's eggs into that hi-rez basket.

Get a taste of the TRON: Legacy Daft Punk Soundtrack!

Disney has posted samples of Daft Punk's TRON: Legacy soundtrack, which hits stores today. Let the awesomeness ensue.

Tron Facebook app lets you be apart of the Tron world

To say Disney is marketing Tron Legacy everywhere would be an understatement.  They've got viral marketing campaigns that have been going since the beginning of the year, they also have put a million different videos for this film (all awesome by the way), and a ridiculous amount of posters.  Disney knows they have a very hot property, and based on the preview I was given, I think they have every right to be proud of it.  So when I came across this bit of marketing on Facebook, I just had to get in on it.  Prepare to put yourself into the world of Tron.

Third Tron Legacy trailer is the best so far

At this point I feel almost obligated to inform you that Disney is NOT paying me to post all of this information about Tron Legacy.  Seriously, as much as I do, I don't want anyone to think that's the case.  The truth is, I'm just a really big nerd and can't get enough of this film.  Disney has released yet another theatrical trailer for this film, and hands down this is the best one so far.  While a good portion of the footage in the trailer is stuff we've seen before, the footage that is new, is absolutely stunning.

New Tron Legacy poster shows off young Jeff Bridges and Light...

Disney is amping up their Tron Legacy marketing.  Which is truly and amazing feat considering that the marketing for this film has already been going hard and heavy.  Several character posters and banners have been released over the past several months, along with a very avid online viral campaign, and the sneak peek clips they've been tossing around.  All-in-all they're building up a lot of hype for this film.  Based on what I saw at Tron Night, I say they have every right to do so.  Now, they've released a new poster that features the young version of Jeff Bridges as the character Clu 2.0 with a bonus in there for eagle-eyed fans.

TMP: TRON Night 2010 Limited Edition poster giveaway!

Hopefully you have had a chance to check out our review of the amazing 23 minutes of TRON Legacy shown at last night's TRON Night 2010 event.  Even if you haven't this will pique your interest I'm sure.  If there's one thing movie buffs love the most, it's movie swag.  Posters, memorabilia, collectibles, props, or whatever we can get our hands on...we want it.  This is especially true when it comes to those limited edition items where you either have to attend an event, or pay a ridiculous amount online for it.  Don't worry, TheMoviePool has you covered, and I'm giving away 4 limited Edition TRON Night posters.

TMP Reviews: TRON Night 2010!

TMP (in the form of myself) got the chance to attend the big special event known as TRON Night 2010.  If you weren't aware of TRON night (shame on you!) then let me fill you in a little on what it was.  All over the world Disney put on this event in IMAX 3D theaters in order to showcase 23 minutes of the film a full two months before it's actual release.  Tickets for these pre-screenings went fast and if you blinked it was easy to miss them.  But for the lucky few of us who nabbed them, we were in for a treat.  I felt fortunate to be in attendance and am now going to bring you our rundown of the event a review of the footage.

Daft Punk music video shows off sweet new Tron Legacy footage

Tron is one of those cult films that you never quite understand why you love it.  When you go back and watch the original film objectively, you realize that on the whole, it's only okay.  It's not a great film, or mind-blowing, but there's something about it that you just can't get enough of.  Now Tron Legacy is on its way and looks to blow everyone's mind.  Without question, every footage we've been shown so far looks stunning.  At the very least it looks to be the most visually impressive movie of the year, and this new music video highlights that.

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