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Quick Tips On The Importance Of Your Crew

Any director knows he's only as good as the people around him, and the crew gathered needs to fill certain positions on the set to get things done.  While most aspiring filmmakers know the key spots (director, actors, camera person), there are others many tend to forget about. So I'm here to talk about some of the other crew members who are essential to a smooth shoot.

An Inside Look at Storyboarding from J. Todd Anderson

Storyboarding can serve many purposes in getting a film off the ground.  They can assist in presenting a project to potential investors, and of course helps directors establish a pace for the film long before the cameras even start rolling.  J. Todd Anders, the Coen Brothers' long-time storyboard artist uses a fun little video to talk more about the process and why it's so important.  Come inside to watch it!

So You Want to Be an Editor: 5 Tips for Keeping...

So you've decided to take the plunge are now determined to become a film/video editor; now what?  I would love to say that it's all smooth sailing after college, but unfortunately it's a long road ahead.  So to help out, I've compiled some general editing tips to help you get started and that might keep you on the path you've chosen.

Showing vs. Telling: The Screenwriter’s ultimate battle

It's not just the bane of every screenwriter.  Really the age-old battle of showing vs. telling has been waged by anyone who's put pen to paper in order to try and craft a story.  It's a relatively simple term that describes a very complicated and nuanced concept. Many writers struggle to find some balance between the two ideas, but this becomes even harder in the realm of film.  Since this is a very big issue, and one that most writers encounter I've decided to help, by defining the terms as well as giving examples on how to avoid these issues in the future.

5 Tips to Help Make Your Film Reel the Best Possible

A film reel is a great way to get yourself noticed in the film industry.  In essence it’s a sort of visual resume that can show off to potential employers or clients what all you’re capable of when it comes to filmmaking.  To that end, we here at Cinelinx have some handy dandy tips to help you when you’re creating your own film reel.

Post-Production Glossary: The Terms You Need To Know (A-Z)

Breaking into the world of post-production can seem fairly daunting at first.  While taking on all the technology can be intimidating, so can the terms and concepts that go into the post-production process.  While there are a plethora of tutorial videos and guides on the internet, technical jargon or terms could keep you from fully utilizing those resources to their full potential.  Thus, we here at TMP have created the post-production glossary!

Using a green screen with iMovie 9

Everyone wants to use cool effects in their film and even utilize the free reign that a green screen can give...

Heroes and Villains: Crafting Believability

Throughout all time, the clashes between altruistic honor-seeking heroes and their self-serving villainous counterparts have been the basis for great storytelling.  Epic legends detailing the exploits from the forces of good and evil have stood the test of time.  Every story ever passed from one generation to the next are built upon these very tales.

Getting Started in Editing #2 – Timeline

So you finally have all of your captured footage logged and organized in a way you can get to them easily…What’s next?

Ghost of Tsushima is the Best Game on PS4 and S0lebs...

Welcome to the 2nd Opinion Podcast! In this episode, we talk about my early impressions of Crash Bandicoot 4, Call of Duty Black Ops...