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Barnes and Noble Help Arlington, TX Fans Celebrate Batman Day

It’s safe to say the first annual Batman Day was a success for Barnes and Noble Bookstore at Parks Mall in Arlington, TX. Crowds of children and their parents were in attendance to celebrate the anniversary of the Dark Knight’s 75th birthday. Although the super hero’s first appearance was in the May 1939 issue of Detective Comics, its publisher DC decided to postpone the big celebration until July 23rd.

KISS Gives Dallas Fans Their Money’s Worth Plus More

If it’s at all possible to perform an intimate set for 20,000 fans, KISS did it on July 13, 2014 at the Gexa Energy Pavilion in Dallas, Texas. As a longtime fan of the “Hottest Band in the World,” there was something unique about their set that night. Not that the band has ever shown anything different to their legion of fans, but there was an even higher level of sincerity in the voice of Paul Stanley as he addressed the audience.

KISS Conquers the Gexa Energy Pavilion in Dallas, TX on July...

I know many people come to Cinelinx.com and wonder why a movie and video game website is covering a rock band. Well KISS isn't JUST a rock band. Since their first appearance in Howard the Duck #12 in 1977, the hottest band in the world has fought off creatures from different worlds and transformed into different bodies and species to battle against the forces of evil in the universe. They also appeared in their own movie in which they fended off the "Attack of the Phantoms." I would say that cult classic film and 37 years of comic book history gives KISS the right to be on Cinelinx.com.

Dallas Comic-Con Thrives in New Location

I'll be the first to admit my pessimistic attitude when it was announced a few months back that Dallas Comic-Con was sold to FanExpo out of Canada. I felt as if my hometown event was being invaded upon and diluted. How could a company out of Canada know what us hard-to-please folks in Texas really want? After this year's Dallas Comic-Con, I can tell you they know a whole lot about what we Southerners are looking for than you would think.

Stephenie Meyer and Cast of The Host Visit Dallas Fans

Dallas, TX was one of the lucky cities chosen as a stop on the press tour for Stephenie Meyer's newest young adult sci-fi romance The Host. Brilliantly scheduled for release mere weeks after the last chapter in The Twilight Saga hits Blu-ray and DVD, it's perfect timing to kick off a new saga to fill the gap left by the vampire / werewolf franchise. However, this time audiences get complex love stories and crises of conscience between aliens and humans.

Directors Chris Sanders and Kirk DeMicco Give Dallas, TX Press and...

DreamWorks and 20th Century Fox chose a unique way to promote their newest animated family film. The studios sent directors Chris Sanders and Kirk DeMicco out on a tour of several different target markets to host question and answer sessions with reporters and their children about the making of "The Croods." The interactive sessions lasted about 35 minutes and utilized scenes from the film to keep even the youngest attendee interested.

Creation Entertainment’s Salute to “Supernatural” in Dallas This Weekend

Dallas / Ft. Worth, TX Metroplex devotees of the TV series "Supernatural" have reason to celebrate September 21st through the 23rd. The Winchester Brothers are coming home to Texas for a visit. Texas natives Jared Padalecki (Sam Winchester) and Jensen Ackles (Dean Winchester) headline Creation Entertainment's Salute to "Supernatural" this weekend at the Westin Park Central Hotel (12720 Merit Dr., Dallas, TX 75251).

KISS Beats the Texas Heat at Dallas Show

You would think that a band of rock veterans with nothing to prove would give themselves a break and coast through their live show in 100+ degree weather. Any other band might, but not KISS. Paul Stanley, Gene Simmons, and Tommy Thayer descended on a platform from the rafters of the Gexa Energy Pavilion blazing on their guitars and never let up for almost two hours. Drummer Eric Singer feverishly pounded away behind them as they opened the show with audience favorite "Detroit Rock City." 

KISS Drummer Eric Singer Tells Dallas to Get Ready for ‘Monster’...

I know what you're thinking. "KISS being written about on a movie website again? What gives?" Let's be honest. KISS has not only starred in their own movie and comic books as superheroes, but their live concerts visually rival anything we see in theaters.

When it comes to rock 'n roll or pure spectacle, nobody does it better than KISS. The band is still going strong 39 years after founding members Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons released their first self-titled album. They are presently touring with Motley Crue playing classic songs from their 19 album discography. A new track entitled Hell or Hallelujah is also among the tunes on the set list. It's a teaser of what's to come when their upcoming release, Monster, comes out on October 16, 2012. 

Everything Is Canon: Melanin In YA

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