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‘Uncharted’ game developer gives fans hope the movie won’t suck

David O. Russell is pissing a lot of people off these days, including some TMP writers that I won't mention here (for safety's sake, of course).  I for one find the changes that he's making with Uncharted to be in good taste, and will overall benefit...okay, I can't do this:  What a jerk. But read on to find out why he might be a cool guy after all!

Nathan Fillion fan does what we all wanted to do: confront...

When David O. Russell confirmed that Mark Wahlberg would be playing the lead role in the upcoming Uncharted: Drake's Fortune movie adaptation, fans all around the world cried foul.  The most obvious choice for the role (and one fans had been anticipating) was actor Nathan Fillion, yet it just didn't happen.  Well, one fan of both the game and Nathan Fillion went to a screening of The Fighter, where David O. Russell was in attendance, and actually confronted him about not casting Fillion.

David O. Russell further worries fans about ‘Uncharted’ movie

It's no secret that last week's news about Mark Wahlberg being chosen to portray Nate Drake in the upcoming adaptation of popular videogame, Uncharted Drake's Fortune, didn't sit well with fans.  Many were upset and felt let down that fan favorite Nathan Fillion had not been chosen for the role.  It was an odd move, unforeseen, and totally unwanted by many.  Since then fans have settled with the news, and still trying to keep their hopes high for this movie.  Well, the director David O. Russell has made a few comments in a recent LA Times article that might push fans past the breaking point.

Mark Wahlberg confirmed for lead in ‘Uncharted’ movie

Consider this the big 'What the Hell!' news of the at least the past month.  In an interview with MTV, Mark Wahlberg confirmed that he will be playing the lead role in David O. Russell's upcoming adaptation of Uncharted Drake's Fortune.  To this expect plenty of fan outcry.  While it's not the worst casting decision in the world, it's definitely not what fans were expecting, nor wanting.

Nathan Fillion rallying the troops for ‘Uncharted’ movie

It's rare that you find an actor so in tune with his devoted fans.  It's also rare to find an actor who isn't afraid to parade his own fandom and nerdiness for all the world to see.  Nathan Fillion has both of these fine qualities and is all the better for them.  Since Firefly and Serenity, he's had a very devoted fan-base and with his new show Castle it just continues to grow.  Well now he's trying to rally those loyal to help him land the role of Nathan Drake in the upcoming Uncharted: Drake's Fortune movie adaptation produced by Sony.

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