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New Action Packed Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Spot Released

With the release of a brand new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie only weeks away, Paramount has been stepping up the marketing to an all new level.  Today brings and all new extende TV spot that features loads of new footage and action for your pleasure.  Come inside to check it out!

An Inside Look at Storyboarding from J. Todd Anderson

Storyboarding can serve many purposes in getting a film off the ground.  They can assist in presenting a project to potential investors, and of course helps directors establish a pace for the film long before the cameras even start rolling.  J. Todd Anders, the Coen Brothers' long-time storyboard artist uses a fun little video to talk more about the process and why it's so important.  Come inside to watch it!

Ranked: Ten Best Schwarzenegger One Liners


While it is a matter of opinion whether or not the remake of Total Recall is as good as the original, almost everyone can agree that it lacks something that the original film had in droves; the effortless delivery of cheesy one-liners by Arnold Schwarzenegger. There's just nothing like a big Austrian man putting a comedic twist on a grotesquely violent scene. As such, I've put together this list of his best work so that the void in our movie-watching experience can be temporarily filled. 


New International Prometheus Trailer is 3 Minutes of Awesome

Let's say for a moment that the initial teaser trailer for Prometheus didn't get you excited for the film, then let's take that even further and say the full theatrical trailer wasn't enough either.  Chances are you're dead inside if that's the case, but this new international trailer is awesome enough to get everyone in on the hype train.

Latest Avengers Clip Has Imprisoned Loki Making Nick Fury Desperate

With Marvel's release of The Avengers a mere couple of weeks away, there's been a veritable marketing bonanza for the film as of late.  Several clips and new images have swarmed the internet and the latest features some pumped up converation between Nick Fury and an imprisoned Loki.

The First Clip From The Amazing Spider-Man is…Boring

The viral campaign Mark of the Spider-Man which kicked off with the release of the latest trailer, has finally yeilded some results.  The website released the first clip from the movie which features Peter Parker awkwardly encountering the intimidating doorman...and it's just as exciting as it sounds.

SDCC 2011: New Action Packed Footage From Rise of the Planet...

20th Century Fox knows that in order to make an impression at Comic Con, they've got to bring their 'A' game to the show.  So in order to promote their big budget, special effects-laden Planet of the Apes reboot, they've unleashed an action packed sizzle reel.

New Thor Movie Clip Shows Hawkeye and Lazy Fighting

Marvel has released an all new video clip from their upcoming Thor film, and it's the first time fans get a chance to see Hawkeye's (Jeremy Renner) cameo in the film.  But there's definitely something missing in this clip...

First Official Clip From New Mortal Kombat Series

While fans have known that the new live-action Mortal Kombat web-series was in production for a while now, we've seen very little from this project.  There have been a handful of pictures released by the director, but other than that...it hasn't been much.  Well, now under a week away from it's launch fans get their first real look at this series, in a clip of Jax (Michael Jai White) and Kano (Darren Shahlavi) fighting.

Green Lantern WonderCon Footage Hits Online

While CinemaCon was still going on, we were getting reports of some of the awesome footage shown for Green Lantern, as well as explanations on why we've seen very little of this film.  The same footage was shown at WonderCon just the other day, and thank Heavens, Warner Bros. has put it online!

Claudia Gray’s ‘House of El Book One: The Shadow Threat’ Shows...

*warning: minor spoilers for House of El Book One: The Shadow Threat below If you've been looking for a new story set on Superman's home...