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The Always Online Issue is About Choice, Not Just Connectivity

Rumors about Microsoft making their next games console ‘always-online’ are nothing new, but the latest report, coming yesterday, ignited a firestorm.  After the report, a top Xbox official took to his twitter account to defend always-online technology in a very unprofessional manner, that seems to show how out of touch he is with the real issue.  It’s not about connectivity at all, it’s about user choice. 

The Best Fake Video Games You Sort of Wish Were Real

Have you ever watched a movie or TV show that featured a video game and thought to yourself, "I'd love to play that game"? Sadly those amazing titles are created specifically for that other world (since it's a lot easier than securing the rights to an actual game), and exist only in the realm of fantasy. While the games may be fake, it's hard to deny the allure of them, ridiculous concepts and all.  

Game Franchises That Deserve a Reboot: Contra

Who doesn’t remember the agonizing brutality that was Contra with adoration.  Sure, it’s punishing difficulty probably caused many a broken controllers, but nothing compares with the satisfaction of completing a level with your buddy.  It’s been several years since gamers have had a true Contra sequel and I think it’s time to change that.

Where Are They Now? 6 Games That Seemingly Disappeared

This generation is slowly converting into a new generation with PS4 and whatever Microsoft decides to call the next Xbox. However that’s not to say this generation doesn’t still have something to look forward too, that is unless some hidden gems now become next generation exclusives. Or perhaps they are secretly canceled like StarCraft Ghost…. There were several games that were announced and either showed off some CGI based trailers, or had a lot of cool information to go with the announcements. So let’s look back at games that were announced but never released (this generation at least) which we still hope to see in the future.

5 Major Things We Want in the Next Batman Game (and...

Earlier this week we reported that the CFO of Time Warner had outed the next Batman: Arkham game, which would release at some point this year.  Sadly, that’s about all the information we have so far on the game, and the developers/studios aren’t talking about it (technically it still hasn’t been officially announced).  The games in the Arkham series have both been amazing and set high standards not just for comic book licenses, but for action games in general.  Even so, there are some additions I want to see out of the next game, that could take this franchise to the next level.

What PlayStation All-Stars Can Improve

PlayStation All-Stars is a great game that’s been getting all kinds of bad press recently. The studio that made the game has been downsized and cut from the game, and Sony has (perhaps unfortunately) hinted that future DLC plans are “changing” at Sony Santa Monica. Read into that what you will. I must say - I loved the game, and I hope to see a second in the series, but that’s not to say there can’t be improvements made. So, without further ado, here is what the second game could and should do better.

Placing Blame: Kids vs. Violent Video Games

Since the game industry's inception, people have been using video games as a scapegoat when things go wrong.  With violent games coming under constant fire, and being brought up tragic court cases where people blame games for all of the horrible acts they may have committed.  Parents are quick to blame violent video games for all that's gone wrong, but where should that blame really go?

Are We Ready For Virtual Reality?

 Virtual Reality is something which has fascinated gamers for decades. The promise of recreating or reinterpreting ones real-life surroundings in a computer-simulated environment is enough to excite even the firmest of skeptics. As a concept, it’s always been there, sitting on the cusp of the mainstream in what feels like perpetual development but for one reason or another hasn’t quite broken the threshold.

The Games To Buy In 2013

With a new year upon us that means one thing, brand new games to look forward to! The odd thing is a lot of the games we all want are all coming early in the year, with hardly anything confirmed for the Fall of this year so far. Yet even with that being the case, the early year is crowded with absolutely awesome games! So here is our list of anticipated titles of 2013.

Skyrim One Year On: Why Fallout New Vegas Is Better

Bethesda Softworks control two of the most revered series' in modern gaming. Creators of the Elder Scrolls games and acquirers of the Fallout franchise - Bethesda own the Sandbox RPG genre.

The DOOM Eternal Collectors Edition is Fantastic! | 2nd Opinion Unboxing

Welcome to 2nd Opinion Productions! We are finally getting things back in line and making more gaming content for you all! Covid-19 has made...