Hitman: Agent 47 Hits Stores This December

Hitman: Agent 47 is coming to a store near you or earlier if you want a digital copy!  We have all the details below!

The Epic Warcraft Movie Trailer Has Arrived

As promised earlier this week, and kicking off BlizzCon 2015, the first trailer for Duncan Jones' upcoming Warcraft movie has landed and it's suitably epic.  Come inside to check it out!

Worlds Collide on New Warcraft Poster, First Trailer Coming Friday!

Having finished filming last year and already receiving a pair of release date delays, fans are eager to see what Duncan Jones' upcmoing Warcraft movie has to offer.  They'll get their first chance very soon, as the trailer is coming on Friday. Until then, however, you can enjoy this swanky new poster.  

Lionsgate is Working on a Borderlands Movie

Lionsgate (company behind The Hunger Games) has announced that they are making a live action adaptation of Borderlands.

Assassin’s Creed Releases First Shot of Michael Fassbender in the Suit

Assassin's Creed has finally released the first shot of Michael Fassbender in the Assassin's suit!  Check it out and all the details that come with it!

Video Games That Should Be Movies

Annoyed by the poor quality of existing video game movies, we decided to take the matter into our own hands and come up with our own ideas. This is a list of what we came up with.

Steven Spielberg Will Helm Ready Player One Adaptation

Warner Bros. has been trying to get an adaptation of Ready Player One off the ground for a little bit, and most recently Christopher Nolan was rumored to be taking the property by the helm, but it looks like master filmmaker Steven Spielberg will be taking over instead.  Come inside for the full story!

On the Horizon: 9 Upcoming Video Game Movies

Will we be seeing the first truly great video game movie soon?  Hollywood studios currently have several adaptations in various stages of development, so we're taking a look at them to see which has the potential to be something amazing. 

Video Game Movies Are Improving, But Why Have They Been So...

When I was young I was fascinated with video games. I still am to this day, but I had a passion burning that had me wanting to make games. I still dream of one day entering that E3 stage, but things turned a bit for me. I grew up during a time that was still developing game design, and programming. So I didn’t have a lot for me. What I did have was film, so I transitioned into making movies since I figured it was the closest thing to making video games. Yet to this day I still fight to bridge the two industries because the film industry simply does not accept videogames. This is why I believe video game movies are so terrible.


Evan Daugherty and WB Team Up For Tomb Raider Reboot

Tomb Raider is getting a reboot in movie form and to help fast track it to theaters WB and a new writer has joined in! Come check out what that means for the upcoming movie!

New Avatar Comic Takes the Story Beyond the First Film

Dark Horse has announced a brand new Avatar comic mini-series that will partially fill the gap between the James Cameron's first movie and the...