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Beyond: Two Souls Is One of The Most Brilliant Games Made...

When Beyond: Two Souls was first announced, I was rather unsure what it really was. They were marketing it as an action oriented title, then slowly crept into it being a story driven title. Luckily they showcased the story driven part more and I became interested in it. This is what the game is, a long story that will make you go through emotions at the snap of a finger. It has its hiccups, but the game should go down in the books as one of the best titles ever made.

Rated: Madden NFL 25 (Video) Review

The NFL may be back on the TV, but gamers and fans the world over have been delving into the world of Madden already in order to get their football fix.  Come inside to check out our video review of the latest entry in the celebrated franchise to see whether or not this update is worth picking up.

Preview: Hearthstone – Blizzard’s Card Game Enters the Digital Realm

The Beta for Blizzard's new card game expansion to World of Warcraft, Hearthstone, is in full swing.  We here at Cinelinx got the chance to spend ample time with the beta in order to bring you our impressions on the upcoming game, and whether or not you should be excited for it.  Come inside to see our early thoughts!

Bioshock Infinite Review: Solid but not Quite Revolutionary

The highly anticipated Bioshock Infinite hit stores finally last week to generally positive reviews.  Does the game live up to the hype as well as the legacy of its predecessor?  It's definitely worth playing through, but it's not quite as revolutionary as most reviews would suggest.  Come inside to check out our thoughts on Irrational Games' latest.

StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm Review

The much anticipated follow-up, or expansion if you will, to Blizzard’s StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty, released last week during what is an already busy and bustling month for video games.  Does Blizzard’s newest real-time strategy game have what it takes to stand out in a month full of triple-A games?  Come check out our full review to find out.

Pre-orders for the VZR Model One Gaming Headset Are Now Open

An all-new, all-powerful gaming headset from VZR is set to release in July. You can pre-order yours now. More details below... Back in 2014, former...