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CES Tech Gadgets For Gamers 2016

With CES (Consumer Electronics Show) taking place in Las Vegas we have all kinds of new tech being introduced to consumers. A lot of the products are simply tech demos and will never get out of that stage, but it is still cool none the less. That being said, some of the gadgets at the show will actually affect us as gamers and could change the way we game. We are not just talking about VR headsets here, but gadgets that perhaps are not directly linked to gaming.


[UPDATE w/Price] The Oculus Rift Pre-Order is Now Open

The Oculus Rift Pre-Order is now live!  Find out how you can get your hands on it and how much you'll have to pay to pre-order this highly anticipated tech!

Check Out The New Microsoft HoloLens Demo Project X

The new demo lets users make a robot weapon fist, hold objects, and shoot things in a 3D space. Check it out!

Coatsink VR Project Gets A Few Actors Onboard

Coatsink just gained three well know actors for their new VR project.  Come inside to read more.

E3 2015 Adventure Part 1: My Time in the Oculus Rift

With E3 2015 in the books, I thought what a way to commemorate the adventure than to create a series of articles reviewing my various experiences.  This is Part 1 of my E3 2015 Adventure and we're starting with My Time In The Oculus Rift.  Read on.


Star Wars: The High Republic Books Delayed to 2021

The highly anticipated new era of Star Wars (at least in book form) won't be starting up this Summer as previously announced. Earlier this...