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Dallas Readers Score Free Early Screening Tickets to Blended

Warner Bros. is partnering up with us here at Cinelinx in order to give our readers in the Dallas area the opportunity to see the new romantic comedy, Blended, before anyone else!  Come inside to find out how to score these early tickets.

Batman: Assault on Arkham Blu-Ray Gets Detailed and Dated

Now that DC Animation's Son of Batman has hit store shelves on blu-ray it's time to look ahead to what's coming next.  While we've seen a trailer and the cover art for Batman: Assault on Arkham, we didn't know exactly when we'd be able to watch it.  Now we do, as Warner Bros. has revealed the release date for the upcoming blu-ray along with details on the special features and everything fans can expect when they pick it up.

[Updated] Zack Snyder Will Direct Justice League Film

Director Zack Snyder already launched the DC Cinematic Universe with Man of Steel, and he is signed to helm the unofficially titled Superman vs. Batman crossover film. Now, it’s been confirmed that he will direct the long-discussed Justice League film, too.  Come inside to check out the news, and some updated information on when we might be seeing it. 

Hans Zimmer Says He’s Scoring Batman vs. Superman

Hans Zimmer is a pretty hot commodity right now in terms of musical composition, being attached to a number of high profile film projects; most recently The Amazing Spider-Man 2.  He's behind all of Christopher Nolan's Batman films, and Zack Snyder's Man of Steel, so many assumed he'd be returning to score Batman vs. Superman.  In a recent interview, Zimmer all but confirms he's returning and expresses his fears about coming up with a new theme for the caped crusader.  

Guy Ritchie’s King Arthur Movie Gets a 2016 Release Date

A few months ago we heard reports that Warner Bros. was looking to hire on Guy Ritchie to helm a new take on the King Arthur story that they were hoping to turn into a tentpole style franchise.  While there's no real word on that just yet, WB has officially set a release date for the first movie (with Ritchie at the helm) in 2016.  

Into the Storm Looks like Twister on Steroids

We've seen a TON of movie trailers over the last few weeks, which essentially means that I'm in hog heaven.  Today we've already seen Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles in action, but New Line Cinema in association with Village Roadshow Pictures have released the first trailer for their upcoming natural disaster flick Into the Storm.  It's like Twister...but cranked up to 11.  Come inside to check out the destruction!

Marvel Banking on Captain America 3 vs. Man of Steel 2

Rumors were flying this week about Marvel Studios saying that they would go head to head with Warner Bros. Man of Steel 2. The only problem was what movie was Marvel going to release? Dr. Strange, Ant Man,  or would Squirrel Girl finally get her big screen treatment?

Filming Officially Begins on the Entourage Movie

Entourage, one of HBO's earliest hit TV series, has had a very long and winding road to finally getting a movie up on the big screen, but fans' patience is soon to be rewarded as Warner Bros. has issued a press release announcing that principal photography on the anticipated movie has finally started!

Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment Announces Infinite Crisis Founders Program

Everybody is talking video games these days and what goes better with video games than superheroes, free play and some Infinite Crisis? A collaboration between Warner Bros., DC Entertainment and Turbine - remember The Lord of the Rings Online™? -  is great news to online gaming fans. Together these entertainment wizards are bringing you some great free-to-play online gaming and of course some very cool bonus features. Founders Program, Turbine’s MOBA, and the DC Multiverse all in one interactive entertainment experience sounds like some exciting gaming news indeed. Come on inside and read on.

Hans Zimmer Set to Score ‘Man of Steel’

Things have been fairly quiet on the Man of Steel front lately, with all of the current attention understandably focused on The Dark Knight Rises.  However, Hans Zimmer, who has composed all of Nolan's Dark Knight trilogy, has now been brought on board to score Snyder's take on Superman. 

Holiday Figures, Exclusives, and Reveals Highlight Hasbro PulseCon’s Star Wars Offerings

During the first day of Hasbro's virtual PulseCon event, several new Star Wars toys were revealed, including some fan favorites and holiday surprises. As...