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Before Watchmen: Minutemen Issue #2 Comic Book Review

The second issues of Before Watchmen are hitting stores now. Many naysayers will be waiting to see if DC Comics can keep up the momentum they achieved with the first issues of the controversial event. Before Watchmen: Minutemen Issue #2 shows this miniseries moving forward in a positive direction. 

Before Watchmen: Ozymandias Comic Book Review

Of all the different characters in the Watchmen universe, Adrian Alexander Veidt interested me the least. I put off reading Before Watchmen: Ozymandias Issue #1 for that very reason. As I've admitted several hundreds of times in the past about other things, I was wrong to do so. What I found inside the glossy cover of this first chapter in the six-part series was the life of this eccentric and troubled "superhero" fleshed out in both words and illustrations.

5 Ways Zach Snyder can make the new Superman movie awesome

With Zack Snyder heading up Superman: The Man of Steel, expectations are high that the man behind 300 and Watchmen can bring a Dark Knight-level of success to Big Blue. As Superman Returns proved, however, achieving greatness isn't easy. Like so many superhero films of late, what seemed like a great idea for a Superman story didn't quite materialize on the big screen. 

Man of Steel is set to begin filming this year, so I've thought hard about how the director can really make this film work.  I've now compiled five different ways Zach Snyder can make us all happy to see the Last Son of Krypton on the big screen again.

Machinehood – Book Review

Hugo Award nominee S.B. Divya (Runtime) is back with Machinehood, an action-packed sci-fi thriller about artificial intelligence, sentience, and labor rights in the near...