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Pan and Wonder Woman Writer to Pen Lobo Movie

DC's answer to Marvel's Deadpool, Lobo, was thought to be long dead.  However, that has all changed as they have now hired a writer to handle the Lobo movie!  Come inside to find out who!

Writers Hired for Enchanted 2 and G.I. Joe 3

If you've been looking forward to sequels for G.I. Joe and Disney's Enchanted, then there's some good news coming your way.  Progress on the sequels are moving forward as the studios have now hired writers for each project.  Come inside for all the details and see who'll be penning the scripts!

Logline: Importance and Creation

What exactly is a logline?  Through countless interviews and meetings with up and coming film producers, I have come to realize that many of them do not know what a logline is exactly.  Seems sad, right?  Who are these people, right?  How could these guys make anything of themselves if the basic vocab of the industry escapes them, right?

Wrong, my friend.  And I'll tell you why.

From Concept to Final Draft in 10 Easy Steps

I wrote my first spec in less than 30 days.

Don’t hyperventilate yet—it wasn’t a feature I specced in less than a month, it was an hour-long TV drama. You should also know, in case you don’t already, that speccing for TV and speccing for film are two totally different terms. For television, to spec is to write an episode of a pre-existing show in order to prove to the world (or at least those who care to hire you) that you can assimilate your style to match that of another show.

Anne Rice’s The Witching Hour: the ultimate movie package

Now that Anne Rice has quit Christianity, can we hope for a film version of her #1 National Bestselling novel The Witching Hour?

The Liar, The Witch, and the Wardrobe

One of my protagonists in one of my several half-baked scripts is temporarily named Anna. Maybe that will be her name, maybe it won’t. Tonight as I read over the pages of the first two acts of Anna’s script, it became apparent to me that I didn’t know this girl at all.

Why “Shakespeare in Love” Won So Many Awards

It's all about cadence. When it comes to connecting the writing of a film with the emotion of a film, it's all about cadence.

Via Dictionary.com: Cadence--rhythmic flow of a sequence of sounds or words: the cadence of language.

The reason we root for the hero

Who can forget the moment we heard the breathing of Darth Vader when he first stormed onto the screen in 1977; or the gleam off the clean-shaven head of Lex Luthor.  Strong villains are the key to an engaging story and when you sit down to write you script you'll need to avoid a common pitfall when crafting your villains.

Sci-Fi…It’s Dead Jim

Unlimited Human Imagining Proves Quite Limiting

Many of us contributors at THEMOVIEPOOL can be classified as die-hard fans of specific genres.  Jordan is a Monster Action movie follower.  I myself am a die-hard Horror aficionado.   And I’m pretty certain Gabriel will never quench his inhuman thirst for Children’s Animation, most notably The Care Bears Movie (1985).

State of the Media: Sci-Fi…It’s Dead Jim

State of the Media: Sci-Fi...It's Dead Jim!

Unlimited Human Imagination Proves Quite Limiting


21 and 22 Jump Street coming to 4K ULTRA HD

The Jump Street movie series is making its way to 4K Ultra this September 15th. 21 Jump Street and 22 Jump Street starring Jonah...