BREAKING: Microsoft Officially Reverses Their Xbox One Policies

Microsoft has issued an official statement in what looks to be one of the biggest cases of backtracking in gaming history.  Within the statement, Microsoft explains that they are GETTING RID of the 24-hour online requirement, and theird DRM on used games.  Essentially, you'll be able to game on the Xbox One much like you have been on the 360 (and the PS4).  Read on for the full statement.

Hands On With the Xbox One Controller

Microsoft's E3 press conference was all about the games (mostly) and little attention was paid to the redesigned controller for the Xbox One, which, during their reveal event, they boasted had several significant changes.  We got some hands on time with the new controller to see if the changes are a good thing, or fixing what isn't broken. 

New Screenshots and Details on that Mad Max Game

Last night during Sony's E3 press conference they showed off a new open world game set in the universe of Mad Max.  Outside of a quick trailer and the name, however, they didn't discuss much else about the game.  Fortunately, Warner Bros. (the publishers behind the game) got with us this morning to share some new screenshots from the game and details on what gamers can look forward to. 

Microsoft E3 2013: The Games of the Xbox One

Fortunately, Microsoft kept to their promise with their E3 Press Conference this morning, in that most of what they discussed and showed off were games.  There were quite a few games shown off in a short amount of time so we've got all the official info on the games in one convenient spot for you (including trailers, synopsis, and our thoughts).  

Twitch, SmartGlass, and Other Xbox One Features Discussed During the MS...

As promised, Microsoft didn't spend their time talking about the TV functionality of thier new console, and instead put their focus on games, and the unique features of the systems that gamers might enjoy.  A lot of information was thrown our way quickly during the presentation, so let's slow it down a bit and take a look at some of the game related features of the console.  

Xbox One Launching this November for $499

Microsoft's E3 press conference has just wrapped up and one of the last pieces of information they shared was a release window and pricing information on the Xbox One. 

Watch Microsoft’s E3 2013 Press Conference Live with Us!

E3 is finally here, and Microsoft's press conference is going to be kicking things off in the morning.  Xbox One will obviously be their focus this time around, and they've promised to actually show off games for the new system!  Come in and watch it live, right here, along with us!

Microsoft Finally Opens Up About Online Connectivity and Other Bad News

Microsoft has been frustratingly coy about answers to some of the most pressing questions gamers have had about the Xbox One: whether or not it requires an internet connection, and how it will handle used games.  This has led to rampant rumors and speculation, and now the company has finally issued official answers...but you may not like them any better.  

Check Out the Xbox One’s Official Box Design

Soon after the Xbox One announcement event, some of the other major studios were finally able to say they were working on games for the console.  Unsurprisingly one of these was Battlefield 4, but on the developers website they featured an image which seemed to give us our first look at the box art for the upcoming next-gen console.  Now Microsoft has confirmed the look. 

Xbox One: The Facts

Microsoft has finally dropped the veil of secrecy on their next generation console, the Xbox One, and with it has come a deluge of new information.  This is great, but can be hard to keep up with.  While we have several articles with some of the bigger news pieces, we’ve also decided to compile all the information we currently have (officially) on the Xbox One in a single convenient location.  Inside you’ll find details on the specs, new official images, and more on the next-gen console. 

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