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Best TV Shows to Binge this Winter

Well it's winter and not even the fun holiday-season of winter, that's behind us, now it is just cold. It's hard to want to do anything because of the weather and the daylight being much shorter. But that is great for one thing: television! This time of year is the best time for television and just binging a bunch of shows! I know there's a lot to choose from so I've create a list that covers the most important types of shows and the best ones you should be watching right now.

Indie Beat: New Stills from 'The Awakened'

We've talked a little bit about the upcoming Indie film The Awakened here on Indie Beat before, but now we've got a handful of brand new stills from the film for you to feast your eyes on. 

Indie Beat: Watch a Trailer for a Film About Movie Trailers...

Movie trailers are typically our first look at footage from upcoming films, and they can be an artform all on their own.  I myself have been a champion of this idea, and frequently pick apart/analyze film trailers (on top of making a few of my own).  So when I heard about a film all about movie trailers, I was sold, and I think you might be as well.  Check out the first look at Trailer War.

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