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The Midnight Sky

Have you ever watched a film and it immediately turns you off because of some questionable decisions by the creative team? That was my experience with The Midnight Sky. More so than just boredom, questionable direction, a shallow story, or bad acting, what soured my take on this film is nonsensical storytelling logic. 

Death of Me (Blu-ray)

Maggie Q and Luke Hemsworth face a supernatural threat in "Death of Me,' now on Blu-ray! Here's our review!

Wonder Woman 1984

Though it might be releasing a bit later (and differently) than expected, Wonder Woman 1984 makes for an incredible Christmas present that delivers hope and good feelings all around. Check out our full review of DC’s latest release!


Gerard Butler and Morena Baccarin bring family drama to the apocalypse with the surprisingly personal disaster flick, Greenland.