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Persona 5 Royal

Persona 5 is back with new content and a fine coat of polish, but is the Royal edition worth diving back into? Check out our full review to find out!

1917 (Blu-Ray)

Sam Mendes’ gripping World War I film, 1917, arrives on blu-ray this week, bringing it’s impressive technical achievements and tense story to the comfort of your home. Check out our full review to find out if it’s worth a repeat viewing! 

The Last Human (Book)

The fate of all life in the galaxy rests in the hands of its most dangerous inhabitant, the last human in existence, in the latest science fiction book to hit shelves. Combining humor, action, and powerful themes there’s a lot to enjoy about The Last Human. Check out my full review! 

My Hero One’s Justice 2

The continuation of the My Hero Academia fighting game is finally here. Bandai Namco has released My Hero One’s Justice 2 which adds in content from the most recent seasons of the show along with a ton of new characters. But does the new content make it worth picking up for fans and gamers? Check out our review to find out!