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Kelly McInerney

Kelly McInerney

Kelly is a freelance writer/blogger/comedian/actor and geniunely a giant jack of all trades. She is an expert at entertainment trivia and news (seriously nobody can beat her at Scene It!). 

Website URL: http://www.starimpulse.com

SXSW - We Interview The Heroes From Served Like A Girl

Served Like a Girl premiered at SXSW last week and it is a documentary that follows five female veterans and how they create a sort of sisterhood to help the rising number of stranded homeless women veterans. We got the chance to sit down with a some of the female veterans and filmmaker Lysa Hayland Heslov.

Heslov's friend told her about Miss Veteran America which is a competition and pageant for female veterans. It highlights their courage, strength, and intelligence but also reminds us that they are mothers, daughters, sisters, and wives. The documentary follows these veterans as they help with homeless vets and prepare for this competition. “I thought what a brilliant way to tell these women's stories and go on this journey with them as you're leading up to this great competition,” explains Heslov. The competition is about raising awarness and funds to homeless female veterans so it all ties in. 

The story of female veterans is not an easy story to tell. Although they have served and fought for their country, once they become vets medical care and the government kind of tosses them aside. Marissa Strock who served in the United States Military describes it by saying “We're a used toy now.” They received all the care and everything they needed when they were in the service, but once they were done serving, they were done with the help. 

To say that the treatment of veterans is frustrating and wrong is an understatement. It is pretty obvious as to why these women wanted to take part in a project like this, “We were able to tell our story through our own words and no longer have people to talk for women veterans who have no understanding of what we actually do while we serve and the sacrifice related to our service and also our struggles once we take the uniform off,” says Jasboothe who served in the army for 17 years and is currently a major in the reserves.  

Many of these women started serving because it was essentially a family business, their parents are in it, their grandparents were in it, and their kids are in it. 

Some had other reasons: “I was just tired of where I was, I was working 120 hours a week – 3 jobs – and I wasn't going anywhere, I wasn't going anywhere fast,” says Hope who served 11 years in the Navy, “if I was going to keep doing what I was doing I would have gone down the wrong road. […] It turned out to be something I was good at, and I knew that I was in the right fit once I joined.” 

Jasboothe grew up in the projects of Chicago and she wanted to show her son that just because she is a single mother doesn't mean she can't do what other woman or man can do. “I look at the military for one of the toughest professions in the world and I wanted to show my son that I can do it, and now he also serves his country,” explains Jasboothe.

It's a struggle to say the least, wanting to fight for your country but then after fighting for your medical benefits which is why films like this are important to get the word out. “I feel like the military mirrors American society, I think we still have a long way to go in American society when it comes to women and so we can't get there in the military until we first get there in the country that we serve,” says Jasboothe. Hopefully films like this will give our country a little push in the right direction. 


Best TV Shows to Binge this Winter

Well it's winter and not even the fun holiday-season of winter, that's behind us, now it is just cold. It's hard to want to do anything because of the weather and the daylight being much shorter. But that is great for one thing: television! This time of year is the best time for television and just binging a bunch of shows! I know there's a lot to choose from so I've create a list that covers the most important types of shows and the best ones you should be watching right now.

Minority Retort: La La Land isn't Worth the Hype

Ever see a film or look an actor's career than nearly everyone loves think are fantastic and ask yourself “why?” because you feel that they are the opposite of fantastic, but also ever see a film that nobody else has but it's so good you just want to shout out to the world and give this film a voice and an audience even though it has none? That's Minority Retort. Where the minority, the people that didn't like La La Land or didn't see Titanic (I have, but that is just an example) can speak their mind and reason with why they made this decision.

Hal Hartley and Aubrey Plaza Talk Ned Rifle With Cinelinx

Hal Hartley's trilogy is finally complete with the release of Ned Rifle. Ned Rifle continues the story of an immensely dysfunctional family, Ned (played by Liam Aiken), the son has turned eighteen and is out of witness protection and has revenge on the brain. His goal? To find his father, Henry (played by Thomas Jay Ryan), and kill him. Cinelinx had the chance to discuss the film with Hal Hartley and one of the film's stars, Aubrey Plaza.

ned rifle still

Our Favorite Films From SXSW

Kelly and Aaron both had the chance to go to SXSW this year and cover it for Cinelinx, here's their top movie recommendations that they had the chance to see and you need to see once they're released.

A Guide to SXSW.

SXSW has passed but it was my first year and I had the time of my life. I know festivals can be pretty intimidating though, especially if it's your first time going to a large one like SXSW. In order to help you out, I wrote a mini guide to the festival if you happen to go next year. Keep in mind though, this is for the movie weekend as I didn't go to the music weekend.

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SXSW Interview: Jamie Babbit and Karey Dornetto Talk Fresno

Fresno is writer Karey Dornetto and director Jamie Babbit's first film collaboration and hopefully not the last. It is a crime comedy that tells the dysfunctional story of two sisters Shannon (played by Judy Greer) a registered sex offender fresh out of rehab and her bright and shiny yet unintentionally enabling sister Martha (played by Natasha Lyonne). When an accidental death occurs the sisters are stuck trying to figure out how to get rid of it or suffer the consequences. Cinelinx sat down with both Babbit and Dornetto to discuss the film.


Interview with Unexpected director/writer Kris Swanberg

Unexpected is writer/director Kris Swanberg's third film. It tells the tale of a Chicago high school teacher, Samantha (played by Cobie Smulders) who becomes pregnant around the same time as one of her students and a relationship forms. Cinelinx sat down with the Swanberg at SXSW to discuss the film and the new way that Swanberg decided to create it.


Martin Scorsese and The Departed

Martin Scorsese is one of the most iconic directors of all time. He created such groundbreaking films like Taxi Driver and Gangs of New York. Yet it took him eight Oscar nominations, five Best Director nominations alone, until he finally received the Best Director Academy Award in 2006 for the film The Departed. Let's look back at the film that finally landed Scorese the gold.

Scorsese is one of those directors that has been creating for generations. He's the known for creating and depicting the worst antiheroes that you can't help but like and can't stop watching. You follow them on their twisted journeys and sometimes untimely demises, all while that same Rolling Stone song (“Gimme Shelter”) plays in the background. Your parents loved him, you love him, and I'm sure your children will or already do love him. There's always one particular movie of his that you discover that makes you hungry to hunt out every other film of his and devour. Mine was The Departed. Sure, I was a little late in the Scorese game, but even after watching Taxi DriverGoodfellas, and Raging BullThe Departed is still my favorite. 


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