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Editor's Corner

Breaking Down The Latest Comic Book Movie News (Marvel Edition)

We have been bombarded with superhero movie news as of late. Civil War is coming to Marvel’s world, we have a big X-Men event coming, Spider-Man is stuck in a web at Sony, and now WB just revealed 10 new films through 2020. Even as a comic book fan this deluge feels overwhelming, so I can’t imagine viewing it as an average movie goer. To help, I’m breaking down the two major universes for you, their latest news, and explaining why it has the fan community buzzing! 


It’s Getting Spooky This Month at Cinelinx

It’s October folks, and that can mean only one thing...Halloween!  It’s that time of year where people all over celebrate all things scary and that goes bump in the night.  Many of us here at Cinelinx are horror fans and this month, we’re dedicating it all to that genre.  Come inside to check out all the amazing things we have planned for the site this month!  


Beat the Summer-Ending Blues with Cinelinx in September

It's officially September, and with Labor Day comes the "official" end of the Summer Movie Season.  While school's back in session and we're moving away from some of the blockbusters, there's still plenty of excitement going on with us here at Cinelinx.  Come inside to check out all of the fun stuff we have planned for this month, and how you'll be able to enjoy it!


New Look. New Features. Same Great Content This Month at Cinelinx

It seems like only yesterday we were publishing our Summer Movie Preview Guides in anticipation of the oncoming Summer season of film, and now here we are in August.  The final month of Summer is upon us and as many prepare to go back to school, we have plenty of fun and awesome things in store for our readers this month at Cinelinx.  Come inside to find out what!


Dallas Readers: Score Early Screening Passes to Guardians of the Galaxy!

Marvel's next big screen adventure is nearly here with James Gunn's Guardians of the Galaxy releasing on August 1st.  We know the wait is hard for comic book fans and that's why we've partnered up with Marvel/Disney in order to give our readers in the Dallas area, the chance to see the film before it releases.  Come inside to find out how to score your passes! 


Things Are Heating Up This July at Cinelinx!

If there was any doubt, the rising temperatures are certainly giving it away, it’s Summer time folks!  This marks the halfway point of the Summer movie season, and while only a couple things have really blown up the box office this season so far, there are more opportunities around the corner.  We’ve got plenty of fun things lined up this month here at Cinelinx.  Come inside to see what we have in store!


Get Your Work Seen in Cinelinx's Fan Art Fridays!

One of the things that makes this site run, is our dedication to fans.  More than just movie and gaming news, we always love spotlighting fan projects and things that make the geek culture so fascinating.  To that end, we're launching an all new weekly article series to spotlight the best our talented readers have to offer with Fan Art Fridays!  Come inside to find out more about how to submit your artwork to be featured.