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Game News

GameMaker Studio 2 To Be Supported By The Nintendo Switch

If you're a game developer using GameMaker Studio or simply a fan of indie titles such as Undertale or Hyper Light Drifter, we have HUGE news for you! GameMaker Studio 2 is going to be supported by the Nintendo Switch, with the first game to come to the Switch being Undertale. Find out what this means for you and your library of games, right here!

Atari To Release New Games and New Platform

Atrari is in San Francisco for GDC 2018 this week and they're showcasing everything from Nintendo Switch titles to a new gaming platform! Check out how you can literally get your hands on the new system, right here.

Days Gone Gets Delayed to 2019

The Sons of Anarchy/World War Z mashup will have to wait a little longer, as Sony has pushed back Days Gone to 2019.  More inside...

Oculus Rift's Lockout is a Bigger Problem Than It Seems

Oculus randomly hit an error today that is spread across the platform, disabling units gamers have spent hundreds of dollars on to enjoy. While it's stark reminder of technology's ability to fail, it's also more impactful than the company is letting on. 

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