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Sony's Lame Excuse For Lack Of Multi-Platform Play Is Just One Of Many

A big question mark arose at E3 when Minecraft creators noted that the game will have cross platform play between PC, Xbox, and the Nintendo Switch. Absent from the list? Sony. And once again Sony is blaming the consumer for preventing something highly requested from happening. Find out more after the jump.

Sony's PlayStation E3 Experience Is Rather Neat

Some of us are not lucky enough to be roaming around E3 at the moment (#jealous), but Sony did something to at least give the rest of us an E3 experience. Sony brought E3 to theaters around the world, but maybe you missed that too. Well want to know how it was?

Metroid Returns With Two New Games Announced at E3

After years of disappointment and close calls, eager fans were treated to the reveal of a pair of new Metroid game announcements for Nintendo's E3 spotlight and follow-up show.  While the details are limited on the upcoming Switch game, we have slightly more info on the 2D title coming to the 3DS.  Come inside to learn more! 

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