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Gamer Culture

Gamers have a unique and diverse culture within our society.  We tend to do things a little differently, and that's why we have this corner Cinelinx set aside specifically for them.  This section will feature articles dealing specifically with that culture and the integration of video games into every day life. 

The Best Horror Games: The Last of Us

If you’re looking for great games to play this Halloween season, then you need look no further than Naughty Dog’s masterpiece, The Last of Us. Filled with emotion, thrills, and genuine creepiness, it’s perfect to help get you in the spooky spirit this year.  


The Best Horror Games: Doom 3

It’s October and that means lots of tricks, treats, and of course horror fun! The movie industry isn’t the only industry that gets to have all the horror fun as the video game industry has put out a few charms as well. So the first thing I thought of was highlighting some of those great games. The first game that came to my mind? Doom 3.


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