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Gamer Culture

Gamers have a unique and diverse culture within our society.  We tend to do things a little differently, and that's why we have this corner Cinelinx set aside specifically for them.  This section will feature articles dealing specifically with that culture and the integration of video games into every day life. 

E3 2018 Press Conference Schedule and How to Watch

Arguably, the best part of E3 season are the press conferences and showcase that happen in the days before the massive event at the LACC.  With E3 2018 less than a month away, studios are preparing for their showcases and announcing the when the showcase will be and how you can watch.  We've got it all in one convenient place, check it out!

E3 2018 - What We Want to See

Smell that in the air? It's E3 season and we are officially one month away from one of gaming's biggest weekends!  For us, that means it's time for our annual Road to E3 articles and episodes where we predict everything that could come out of the Electronic Entertainment Expo.  This edition finds the Cinelinx team laying out the games, consoles, and products they hope to see during E3 2018!

The 5 Strangest Star Wars Video Games

To join in on some of the Star Wars Day fun, I'm taking a look at some of the weirdest Star Wars video game "experiments" to have graced consoles over the years. Come inside to check them out! 

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