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Gamer Culture

Gamers have a unique and diverse culture within our society.  We tend to do things a little differently, and that's why we have this corner Cinelinx set aside specifically for them.  This section will feature articles dealing specifically with that culture and the integration of video games into every day life. 

Evolve Preview: Seriously Awesome Fun

I’ve gotten a chance to play Evolve several times now, including the two testing phases it went through. The first reveal was rather awesome, but I wanted to see more. That is when I got into the first testing phase, and let’s just say it didn’t work. Then I was invited to participate in the second phase and my goodness am I glad I got invited to this one! I think I had the game booted up the entire time it was playable, and I was sad when it said “sorry, it’s over.”


5 Sci-Fi/Fantasy Franchises Bioware Needs to Work With

BioWare has done some incredible things with the Star Wars license.  While there have been some stumbles with The Old Republic, it's hard to deny how good the company is at crafting memorable Sci-Fi/Fantasy stories in general (just look at the Mass Effect and Dragon Age franchises).  With another Star Wars game apparently in the works from them, I got to thinking about which other Sci-Fi/Fantasy franchises could use a great game from the Bioware team.


Cinelinx Game of The Year Winners

2014 is soon coming to an end and you’ve hopefully been reading our staff’s game of the year picks leading up to now. This is it, this is when we select the best games that released all this year. We will say the hardest award was selecting our “most anticipated” title, which means next year is going to be even more exciting! This year we got to explore the depths of Destiny and fight in Dragon Age, so it was a fun year! We won’t keep you from the awards, here is our staff picks and their opinions on those picks!


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