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Gamer Culture

Gamers have a unique and diverse culture within our society.  We tend to do things a little differently, and that's why we have this corner Cinelinx set aside specifically for them.  This section will feature articles dealing specifically with that culture and the integration of video games into every day life. 

Is Metal Gear Survive A Carefully Planned Spin-Off?

News hit the internet yesterday that a new Metal Gear was on the way, and no one really saw this coming.  While many expected Konami to continue the franchise without Kojima, nobody expected it so quickly. Despite the surprise factor and franchise name, the game is missing the mark with fans, but perhaps that was their plan all along?

No Man's Sky Journal #2: Stranger Things in Atlantis

In my last journal entry, my journey through the No Man’s Sky universe found myself in a new galaxy on a snowy forest of a planet.  I had just found a shrine to the Gek, learning their language and getting a better standing with the race I hadn’t yet met.  Now the second part of my journal review finds me right where I left off before, taking off to explore more of this galaxy.

NHL 17 Beta Impressions, Plenty To Work On

When NHL 15 released we were disappointed that basically everything was cut from the game. Then NHL 16 released and we got mostly everything we wanted again. So where does that leave NHL 17? Fine tuning, added customization, and better online components. That last part is basically what we got to test in the new NHL 17 beta.

How We Hope The Next Sonic Turns Out

Sonic has gone on countless adventures with the best ones being highlighted in a recent article. However with a new game being announced should the new game take from the best, or create something new? Find out after the jump. 

Pokemon Go Is Taking Over The World And It's Amazing

We all knew that Pokemon Go was going to be a big deal, and it was a gamble by the Pokemon Company, but I don’t think any of us expected it to be such a huge deal. Since it’s launch, you can’t go a few hours without hearing someone talk about Pokemon Go. It’s fascinating to me for many reasons, so let’s explore this global craze a little bit more in depth.

The 5 Best Sonic The Hedgehog Games

This year marks the 25th anniversary of Sonic the Hedgehog, but that isn’t the only reason we’re celebrating. The Sonic Team also announced a new movie and new video game will be revealed at a special event within San Diego Comic Con! With a new game on the horizon, it seems like a great time to look back on the best games in the long franchise and hope some of their greatness comes through in the new game. We can imagine, right?

Top 8 Game Trailers from E3 2016

The last couple weeks have seen a deluge of news and video game trailers thanks to E3.  There was a lot of awesome on display this year, and as I’ve done in the past, I’ve whittled them down to what I think are the eight best game trailers we got out of E3 2016.  Come inside to check out my list and share your own! 

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