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Gamers have a unique and diverse culture within our society.  We tend to do things a little differently, and that's why we have this corner Cinelinx set aside specifically for them.  This section will feature articles dealing specifically with that culture and the integration of video games into every day life. 

Game Changers: Final Fantasy VII

In 1997, Final Fantasy VII debuted and set new standards for the ways games are made.  It was a massive critical and financial success, and it forever changed the videogame industry.  This article explores what went into making of this classic game and how it's still effecting the industry almost twenty years later.


Video Games Are Not Sports, But They Deserve The Respect

A few days ago ESPN did something new; they aired a tournament for gamers on ESPN 2 where a bunch of elite teams went at head-to-head in League of Legends. One of the final teams was from my home state and it was exciting in that aspect, but I get it, videogames are not “sports” and thus calling them “eSports” and airing them on a sports channel seems rather ridiculous. I’m a gamer, I admit it, but there is one major issue I see coming from it. Video games may not be “sports,” but the utter lack of respect the tournament is picking up paints a disappointing image that our society still see’s gamers as “basement dwellers” of decades ago.


Games We Can't Stop Playing: Rune Factory

There’s no rhyme or reason to the video games we become hopelessly attached to.  Oftentimes gamers find themselves sinking hours of play time into games/genres without fully understanding why...This sums up my relationship with the Rune Factory games.  I can’t stop playing them, even though I have no reason to keep doing so. 


I'm Cautiously Optimistic About Star Wars Battlefront

Over the weekend the internet just about exploded thanks to Disney and WB (Batman Vs Superman!). It was of course Star Wars Celebration and with it came a bigger reveal of the upcoming movie (Star Wars The Force Awakens) and, for us gamers, Battlefront from EA. The game is what I was most excited to cover because I expected a lot to be shown off, but overall I still remain on the fence about getting too excited. Find out why after the jump! 


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