Awesome Happens When Mario Kart Meets Fury Road


Mad Max: Fury Road is making a good case for being my favorite film of the year (just check my glowing review if you have doubts about that) and everyone knows that Mario Kart is filled with good times.  So one genius YouTuber (sundbergkr) has decided to put the two together, but using footage from the Fury Road trailers and inserting Mario Kart into it in various ways. 

I think, for me, the selling point on this was that bob-ombs attached to the pikes.  There’s a lot of little details in this trailer which manage to work in surprising ways.  In all honesty, I’d never thought of such a mash-up before, but now it makes perfect sense and I almost want to see this happen in some way.  All I know, is this makes for some excellent viewing heading into the long weekend!