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The 6 Best Trailers from E3 2013

Despite knowing that two brand new consoles would be on hand at this year’s E3 event, one of the things I looked forward to most (as I do all years), are the abundance of game trailers released.  Sure, some of them are pre-rendered to look pretty, without showing any gameplay, but that doesn’t mean they’re any less exciting.  With E3 now behind us, and the ability to catch our breath, I thought I’d take a look at the more impressive trailers to come out of this year’s event. 

E3 Trailer Madness: Dragon Age III, Beyond: Two Souls, inFamous, MGS...

This year's E3 has shown us a a bunch of different games, and with that comes a TON of new game trailers.  While we've done our best to showcase a lot of these trailers (check out the Microsoft and Nintendo ones at the links), there are some awesome trailers we haven't spotlight yet.  Thus, I've decided to present them in one convenient spot for your viewing pleasure!

The Lord of Chaos Gets a MASSIVE New Action Figure

Hasbro has revealed their latest HasLab crowdfunding effort, which gives Transformers fans the largest creation to date, with Unicron... I'm not a huge Transformers fan,...