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Ouija and The Book Of Life Blu-Rays Get Detailed and Dated

A pair of this year's movie releases, the horror film Ouija and the animated adventure The Book of Life, are coming to your home entertainment system early next year, and the studios have given us a look at what you'll find on the disc when they release.  Come inside to learn more!

Ouija Summons up a Trailer & Poster

Even though it's apparently been playing in movie theaters for a little while now, Universal has finally dropped the trailer for their upcoming horror film based on the popular paranormal board "game" of the same name.  Come inside to check out the trailer and take a gander at the poster. 

TMP’s Prelude to 2012 Part 6: Skyfall, Gravity, The Hobbit: An...

Finishing off this guide is going to be tough.  Yeah, we've had a lot of great films featured in the last four parts, but I still feel like this Prelude is—incomplete.  That's because, quite honestly, some of the most exciting films of next year don't even HAVE release dates yet.  Steven Spielberg's Linoln, Paul Thomas Andersen's The Master, Nicolas Winding Refn's Only God Forgives—and plenty, plenty more.  Even some I can't talk about because I have ZERO knowledge of their existence.  I mean, a year ago, who knew anything about The Artist? Now, it's one of the most praised films of the year.  I can't predict what film will become next year's hit sensation.  But hey, just because I can't do that, doesn't mean I can't talk about all the stuff we DO know about.  The Django Unchained, Hobbits, and Skyfalls of the world.  Even if I can't talk about all the big, Oscar worthy films of next year, I CAN talk about some of them.  And so, with that statement in mind, here's the final part of TMP's Prelude to 2012.

Universal goes release date crazy

What if I told you that in the span of five minutes, you could find out the release dates for films such as The Dark Tower, The Bourne Legacy, and Ouija?  Well, I don’t even have to tell you!  Just read on and find out these and more as Universal announces its upcoming schedule.

Geek Pick of the Week: Prime 1 Studio’s Jurassic Park Diorama

Prime 1 Studio has just announced an incredible new diorama/statue based on one of the most iconic scenes in Jurassic Park, making an easy...