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Scary Movies You Don’t Watch Alone

Cinelinx discusses our picks for the most nightmare-inducing films we wouldn’t want to watch alone.

Sinister: SXSW Reviews

Found footage helps a true-crime novelist realize how and why a family was murdered in his new home.

TMP’s Prelude to 2012—Part 4: The Amazing Spider-Man, The Dark Knight...

July 2012 is...huge.  And it's not particularly because there's a lot of films releasing that month; actually, it probably has the least amount of films opening in the entire year of 2012.  But July will be huge for two reasons, and two reasons alone; The Amazing Spider-Man, and The Dark Knight Rises.  Both have had mounds of anticipation put upon them, and have been highly awaited by almost everyone.  And in July, both will see the light of day.  August is big, but only because it has a lot of releases; other than The Bourne Legacy and Total Recall, there's not a lot in terms of big budget genre affair.  But even then, August has its positives.  To find the scope of one of the biggest parts of the year, I suggest you hit the jump right now!  Time for Part 4.

Release Date Madness: Ender’s Game, Red 2, Now You See Me,...

Summit Entertainment has announced a whole slew of releases on their upcoming schedule, including the long awaited Ender's Game.  They've got a handful of other things planned for 2013, along with a few shifts on the 2012 calendar.

Viotek Reveals Their New Line of 24-35 Inch Gaming Displays

The technology company Viotek has revealed their next series of gaming monitors that bring important features while still being budget friendly.  If you've been thinking...