Mad Max and Middle-earth 4K Releases Get a Slight Delay

Some previously announced 4K Ultra HD collections from Warner Bros. have been pushed back just a little bit. Check out the new release date.

If you were looking forward to picking up The Mad Max Anthology or The Middle-earth Ultimate Collector’s Edition in 4K early next month, you’re going to have to wait. Thankfully, it’s not a very long wait, and only a couple weeks.

Warner Bros announced today, that due to some “supply chain delays” (which seem to be affecting many things), these 4K releases will now arrive on November 16th. So yeah, just two weeks from their previous date and still arriving in plenty of time to make them a holiday gift.

The Mad Max Anthology 4k

Mad Max The Road Warrior 4k

Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome 4k

The Middle Earth Ultimate Collector’s Edition 4k

You can find more details on these releases via the links to their initial announcements, but make sure to adjust your calendar!

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