The Hunt is On as the Predator Franchise Arrives on 4K Ultra HD

This morning’s announcement from Fox has me all kinds of excited. Predator has long been one of my favorite movies, with The Predator being one of the films I’m looking forward to most this year. As such, it’s really neat to see the original film, getting a 4K remaster just in time to enjoy it before watching the latest film. 

If you enjoy ALL the films, however, you can also pick up the Predator 3-Movie Collection 3-Movie Collection, which brings Predator, Predator 2, and Predators together in 4K as well. Both the three-pack and the individual version of Predator in 4K will launch on August 7th, which just so happens to be my birthday (it’s like they knew!).  

Predator 4K

PREDATOR 4K Ultra HD and Blu-ray bonus features include deleted scenes and outtakes, audio commentary by Director John McTiernan, Inside the Predator featurettes and more. A limited-edition Steelbook collectible will be available exclusively at Best Buy.

Fans can also take home the new PREDATOR 3-Movie Collection, including PREDATOR, PREDATOR 2 and PREDATORS. In PREDATOR, Arnold Schwarzenegger wages an all-out war against a force more powerful and deadly than any on earth. Then in PREDATOR 2, hardheaded cop Danny Glover battles the predator in the urban jungle of Los Angeles. Finally, in PREDATORS, Adrien Brody leads a group of elite warriors who find themselves on an alien planet targeted by a vicious new breed of predators. It’s the ultimate showdown between hunter and prey!

PREDATOR 4K Ultra HD and Blu-ray Bonus Features Include:

Predator: Evolution of a Species-Hunters of Extreme Perfection

Audio Commentary by Director John McTiernan

Text Commentary by Film Historian Eric Lichtenfeld

If It Bleeds, We Can Kill It: The Making of Predator

Inside the Predator Featurettes

Special Effects Featurettes

Short Takes with the Filmmakers

Deleted Scenes and Outtakes

Photo Gallery and Predator Profile

Will you be picking up Predator on 4K Ultra HD next month? 


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