December 2023 Movie Releases

The final month of the year brings plenty of holiday themed movies and last minute blockbusters. Here are the films arriving this month and where to watch them!

Crazy to think, but we’re already at the end of the year. With holiday breaks and families having some spare time on their hands, there’s no shortage of new movies to try enjoy both at home and in theaters. There’s a new attempt at bringing Willy Wonka to the big screen, the final film of the old DC movies with Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom, Godzilla Minus One, new Studio Ghibli, and even some Zack Snyder goodness.

That’s not to mention all the other streaming films/specials to check out! It’s gonna be a busy final month for movie watching.

Movie TitleRelease DatePlatform
The ShiftDecember 1, 2023Theaters
Godzilla Minus OneDecember 1, 2023Theaters
SaltburnDecember 1, 2023Theaters
RENAISSANCE: A Film by BeyonceDecember 1, 2023Theaters
Silent NightDecember 1, 2023Limited
Candy Cane LaneDecember 1, 2023Prime Video
May DecemberDecember 1, 2023Netflix
How the Gringo Stole ChristmasDecember 1, 2023Limited/VOD
How I Learned to FlyDecember 1, 2023Limited
Raging GraceDecember 1, 2023Limited
Surprised by OxfordDecember 1, 2023VOD/Digital
BetrayalDecember 5, 2023VOD/Digital
Nightmare on 34th StreetDecember 5, 2023VOD/Digital
FirelineDecember 5, 2023VOD/Digital
AbigailDecember 5, 2023VOD/Digital
Better DaysDecember 5, 2023VOD/Digital
The CelloDecember 8, 2023Theaters
The Boy and the HeronDecember 8, 2023Theaters
Poor ThingsDecember 8, 2023Theaters
The OathDecember 8, 2023Theaters
EileenDecember 8, 2023Theaters
Leave the World BehindDecember 8, 2023Netflix
Santa Isn't RealDecember 8, 2023VOD/Digital
Diary of a Wimpy Kid Christmas: Cabin FeverDecember 8, 2023Disney+
Merry Little BatmanDecember 8, 2023Prime Video
OriginDecember 8, 2023Limited
The Sacrifice GameDecember 8, 2023Shudder
The Zone of InterestDecember 8, 2023Limited
Night TrainDecember 11, 2023VOD/Digital
Chick FlickDecember 12, 2023VOD/Digital
WaldenDecember 12, 2023VOD/Digital
Family GameDecember 12, 2023VOD/Digital
WonkaDecember 15, 2023Theaters
Angel BabyDecember 15, 2023VOD/Digital
The Family PlanDecember 15, 2023Apple TV+
Chicken Run: Dawn of the NuggetDecember 15, 2023Netflix
American Fiction December 15, 2023Limited
ForestkindDecember 15, 2023Paramount+
RuthlessDecember 15, 2023VOD/Digital
MaestroDecember 20, 2023Netflix
Aquaman and the Lost KingdomDecember 22, 2023Theaters
MigrationDecember 22, 2023Theaters
The Iron ClawDecember 22, 2023Theaters
Anyone But YouDecember 22, 2023Theaters
Rebel Moon - Part One: A Child of FireDecember 22, 2023Netflix
All of Us StrangersDecember 22, 2023Limited
FerrariDecember 25, 2023Theaters
The Boys in the BoatDecember 25, 2023Theaters
Occupied CityDecember 25, 2023Theaters
The Color Purple (Musical)December 25, 2023Theaters

Which December new release are you most excited about?

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