GKIDS to release ‘The Deer King’ in Theaters this July

GKIDS has announced that their latest anime film, The Deer King, will be released in theaters this July.

GKIDS has announced that the next anime film they’re releasing to theaters is The Deer King, the directorial debut of Masahi Ando. The film will hit theaters starting July 13, 2022 and will feature both Japanese and English versions of the film. Ando’s previous work includes Paprika, Spirited Away, and Your Name.

You can check out the incredible trailer for The Deer King below:

The Deer King is set in the aftermath of a brutal war and follows former soldier Van, who toils in a mine controlled by the ruling empire. One day, his solitary existence is upended when a pack of wild dogs carrying a deadly and incurable disease attack, leaving only Van and a young girl named Yuna as survivors. Finally free, the pair seek out a simple existence in the countryside but are pursued by nefarious forces. Intent on protecting Yuna at all costs, Van must uncover the true cause of the plague ravaging the kingdom—and its possible cure.

Are you excited to see The Deer King in theaters this summer?

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