Hasbro Reveals New Star Wars Toys in the Black Series and Vintage Collection Lines

During a “I Am Your Father’s Day” livestream, Hasbro revealed a host of new Star Wars toys for collectors to be excited about.

If your wallet isn’t hurting enough, then you’ve got even more Star Wars goodness to look forward to from Hasbro. Today, during a special reveal livestream, they showed off a number of new toys coming to both the Black Series and Vintage Collection lines, as well as teasing other products to come.

Let’s kick off with some Black Series toys. Today, they revealed the “final wave” (of the year) of the Archive line of figures, which gives older releases updated face sculpts and deco. The four figures that are part of the wave is Princess Leia, Obi-Wan Kenobi (Revenge of the Sith), a 501st Trooper, and Darth Revan! This Archive wave arrives in the Fall with pre-orders going live (at most major retailers and Amazon) tomorrow, June 10th, at 1pm ET.

As for the new stuff coming to the Black Series line, Rogue One is getting a big focus this time around, and it’s much needed. The new figures announced not only give the original “crew” fancy new sculpts, but we’re FINALLY getting Bodhi Rook in the line, along with Galen Erso, and Antoc Merrick. I’m loving all of these, and glad the whole crew will finally be together, especially with that gorgeous teal colored packaging.

All of these will launch in the Fall. The main Rogue One crew figures are Fan Channel exclusives, meaning you’ll be able to pre-order them from GameStop, Hasbro Pulse, and Big Bad Toy Store starting tomorrow, June 10th, at 1pm ET. Antoc Merrick and Galen Erso, however, will be Target Exclusives with pre-orders going live at the same time via the links above.

There’s even more Black Series on the way, and they revealed several new figures fans have been waiting for (Cobb Vanth, Fennec Shand, Bib Fortuna) are currently in the works. Even better, the next HasLab project will be for something in the Black Series scale and it is NOT a vehicle. Hopefully we’ll learn more about that soon.

For fans of the smaller scale, Vintage Collection, figures there are a few things on the horizon as well. Mandalorian fans are getting a Mythrol figure (which will fit in nicely with that massive Razor Crest from HasLab), Bo-Katan, and Kuiil! Troop builders are also getting a new Echo Base Rebel Trooper figure with an enhance face sculpt. These are all set to in Spring 2022 at all major retailers with the pre-orders going live on—you guessed it—tomorrow, June 10th, at 1pm ET.

Which of these toys are you looking to snag when pre-orders go live tomorrow?

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