June 2024 Movie Releases

The Summer Movie Season continues with Inside Out 2, A Quiet Place: Day One, new Yorgos Lanthimos, and more. Here’s every film launching in June and where to watch them.

June brings on the warmer weather and even more movies for audiences to check out, both in theaters and at home. With Pixar’s latest on deck, along with a new entry in the Quiet Place franchise, and even more Austin Butler with Bikeriders…there’s a little bit of something for everyone to enjoy.

Movie TitleRelease DatePlatform
BoomtownJune 4, 2024VOD/Digital
Under ParisJune 5, 2024Netflix
The HangmanJune 6, 2024VOD/Digital
Am I Okay? June 6, 2024Max
Queer PlanetJune 6, 2024Peacock
Bad Boys: Ride or DieJune 7, 2024Theaters
School of Magical Animals 2June 7, 2024Theaters
The WatchersJune 7, 2024Theaters
Hit ManJune 7, 2024Netflix
Handling the UndeadJune 7, 2024Limited Theaters
I Used to Be FunnyJune 7, 2024Limited Theaters
Banel & AdamaJune 7, 2024Limited Theaters
BratsJune 13, 2024Hulu
Inside Out 2June 14, 2024Theaters
RideJune 14, 2024Limited Theaters
LatencyJune 14, 2024Limited Theaters
Tiger StripesJune 14, 2024Limited Theaters
TreasureJune 14, 2024Limited Theaters
Just the Two of UsJune 14, 2024Limited Theaters
Bad BehaviorJune 14, 2024VOD/Digital
The GrabJune 14, 2024VOD/Digital
A Stork's Journey 2June 18, 2024VOD/Digital
I Used to Be FunnyJune 18, 2024VOD/Digital
The PresentJune 18, 2024Limited Theaters
FEDERER: Twelve Final DaysJune 20, 2024Prime Video
Kinds of KindnessJune 21, 2024Theaters
The BikeridersJune 21, 2024Theaters
ThelmaJune 21, 2024Theaters
The Speedway MurdersJune 21, 2024Limited Theaters
Blackwater LaneJune 21, 2024VOD/Digital
Trigger WarningJune 21, 2024Netflix
The ExorcismJune 21, 2024Limited Theaters
Fancy DanceJune 21, 2024Limited Theaters
I Am: Celine DionJune 25, 2024Prime Video
It's Not OverJune 25, 2024VOD/Digital
A Quiet Place: Day OneJune 28, 2024Theaters
Horizon: An American Saga Part OneJune 28, 2024Theaters
DaddioJune 28, 2024Theaters
A Family AffairJune 28, 2024Netflix
ReunionJune 28, 2024VOD/Digital
Janet PlanetJune 28, 2024Theaters
Fancy DanceJune 28, 2024Apple TV+
June ZeroJune 28, 2024Limited Theaters

Which June movie release are you most excited to see?

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