Live Action Miles Morales Spider-Man Movie In The Works

How friggin cool is this? Miles Morales may be coming to theaters real soon, and not in just cartoon form!

If you read the comics, or even watch these new “Spider-verse” movies, you would know that Spider-Man has a ton (and I mean a ton) of spin-off characters. Some not so great, and others are like Miles which have done a tremendous job of exploring the character and creating some thrilling stories.

Asked by Variety rather or not we will see more films, some executives let a few details slip. Producer Amy Pascal said bluntly “You’ll see all of it,” and another producer Avi Arad even went as far as saying we’ll “see Spider-Woman sooner than you think.”

They also said a 4th movie in the Tom Holland franchise is also in the works, but all these projects are on hold currently due to the writers strike. One note about the interview is the statement by Hailee Steinfeld that she is excited for Spider-Woman stating “This is like my dream job, sign me up over and over again,” she voices Spider-Gwen in the animated movie, which is known as Spider-Woman and Ghost Spider in the comics.

Personally I’ve been wondering why Sony hasn’t been exploring these characters more. Having a “Spider-verse” is cool and all, but these characters can easily stand on their own in their own stories. It would be nice to have just a “Spider-Man” story, not a story that has crossovers and all kinds of other characters filling in. It also opens the door for them to return to the stand alone franchise without needing Marvel to slow down the process and align it with their own universe.

Sony, of course, has Kraven coming later this year, along with a new Spider-Man game which also features Miles and Kraven.

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