March 2024 Movie Releases

March 2024 brings a number of big movie releases, from Dune: Part Two, a new Ghostbusters, plus MonsterVerse action. Here’s everything to watch this month!

The early year doldrums are coming to an end. March brings a host of major movie releases from a number of big franchises; plus plenty of options for streaming at home. From kicking things off big with Dune: Part Two, to ending with Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire, there are a ton of movies to enjoy this month.

Movie TitleRelease DatePlatform
Dune: Part TwoMarch 1, 2024Theaters
Megamind vs. The Doom SyndicateMarch 1, 2024Peacock
Outlaw PosseMarch 1, 2024Limited
ScrambledMarch 1, 2024VOD/Digital
SpacemanMarch 1, 2024Netflix
ProblemistaMarch 1, 2024Limited
The Roundup: No Way OutMarch 1, 2024VOD/Digital
Frankenstein LegacyMarch 4, 2024VOD/Digital
T-BlockersMarch 5, 2024VOD/Digital
Before I Change My MindMarch 5, 2024VOD/Digital
Ricky StanickyMarch 7, 2024Prime Video
Poor ThingsMarch 7, 2024Hulu
ImaginaryMarch 8, 2024Theaters
Kung Fu Panda 4March 8, 2024Theaters
CabriniMarch 8, 2024Theaters
5lbs of PressureMarch 8, 2024Limited
Night ShiftMarch 8, 2024VOD/Digital
DamselMarch 8, 2024Netflix
Love Lies BleedingMarch 8, 2024Limited
Accidental TexanMarch 8, 2024Limited
The LionheartMarch 12, 2024Max
Silver HazeMarch 12, 2024VOD/Digital
One-Percent WarrirorMarch 12, 2024VOD/Digital
Little WingMarch 13, 2024Paramount+
Arthur the KingMarch 14, 2024Theaters
The American Society of Magical NegroesMarch 14, 2024Theaters
Snack ShackMarch 14, 2024Theaters
Knox Goes AwayMarch 14, 2024Theaters
Trolls Band TogetherMarch 14, 2024Peacock
Irish WishMarch 14, 2024Netflix
InvaderMarch 14, 2024Limited
Club ZeroMarch 14, 2024Limited
Road HouseMarch 21, 2024Prime Video
Ghostbusters: Frozen EmpireMarch 22, 2024Theaters
ImmaculateMarch 22, 2024Theaters
Sleeping DogsMarch 22, 2024Theaters
Luca (Re-Release)March 22, 2024Theaters
Late Night With The DevilMarch 22, 2024Limited
Shirley March 22, 2024Netflix
You'll Never Find MeMarch 22, 2024Shudder
Godzilla x Kong: The New EmpireMarch 29, 2024Theaters
The Lie: The Murder of Grace MillaneMarch 29, 2024VOD/Digital
DogManMarch 29, 2024Limited
The Wages of FearMarch 29, 2024Netflix
Wicked Little LettersMarch 29, 2024Limited
The Beautiful GameMarch 29, 2024Netflix

Which of these March films are you most excited to watch?

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